Who says you can’t get anything for free? Here at Bricsys we’re giving you 3, free Ebooks* to help you get the most from BricsCAD V20. They’re full of free BricsCAD V20 tutorials, tips and tricks. All written by the very talented Ralph Grabowski.

BricsCAD for AutoCAD users

BricsCAD for AutoCAD users does exactly what it says on the tin: if you’re coming to BricsCAD as an AutoCAD user, then this handy Ebook will tell you everything you need to know to make the switch between AutoCAD and BricsCAD as painless as possible.

  • Comparing User Interfaces Between AutoCAD & BricsCAD
  • Compatibility of Drawing Elements
  • Customizing & Programming BricsCAD
  • Operating Dual-CAD Design Offices

Inside BricsCAD

Inside BricsCAD is a guided tour that explains everything you need to know to get started with BricsCAD, from the user interface to some of the most commonly used commands.

  • A Quick Tour through BricsCAD
  • Navigating the Interface
  • Adding Details to 2D Drawings
  • 3D Direct Modeling and Editing

Customizing BricsCAD

Customizing BricsCAD is for users wanting to change the way BricsCAD V20 looks and works. Using intuitive BricsCAD tutorials, it teaches you how to change the user interface, make new menus, hatch patterns, write LISP code and so much more!

  • Customizing the BricsCAD Environment
  • Working with the Customize Dialog Box
  • Other Customizations in BricsCAD
  • Programming BricsCAD

Want more BricsCAD V20 Tutorials?

Why not check the Bricsys Help Center, where you can find 100s of free articles and tutorial guides to help you get building with BricsCAD.

* Only available in English

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