In this series, you will learn how to work with CAD by following easy projects. Use only simple commands to build almost anything! Today, learn how to make a tasty looking 3D model bar of chocolate in BricsCAD®.

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3D Model a Bar of Chocolate in BricsCAD

Time to complete: 5-10 minutes

Difficulty: 3/10

Commands used:

Array Rectangle

How to make a 3D model of a bar of chocolate in BricsCAD:

  1. Begin with the Box command. 10x10x2mmbox build a 3d model of chocolate bar in bricscad
  2. Offset the top face. 1mmoffset command learn BricsCAD
  3. Extrude at an angle. 3mm 15°extrude solid
  4. Union the two solids.join solids together
  5. Fillet the edges.fillet the chocolate block
  6. Copy your logo/design or draw your own with a Polygon or Spline.
  7. Use the Manipulator to move it into position.
  8. Scale with the Reference mode.scale with a reference
  9. Extrude down into the block. 1mmextrude details on 3D model chocolate block
  10. Delete any remaining 2D entities.
  11. Add Materials.add matterials to the block of chocolate 3d model
  12. Array with the Rectangle mode. Row = 10, 10mm. Col = 4, 10mm.array entity bar of chcolate
  13. Edit the Array. Hold Ctrl when hovering over a block and select the command from the Quad, as required.edit the array block move peices
  14. Explode the Array.
  15. Union the blocks.

The final result should be a 3D model of a bar of chocolate that looks something like this. Yummy!:

array 3d bar of chocolate model

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