3D Modeling at a Clip

BricsCAD 16.2 includes an exciting new feature called Clip Display (CLIPDISPLAY). Quite simply it’s going to change how you work in 3D. If you’re familiar with Live sections, then Clip display is similar, but there are some important differences. Firstly you can work with multiple SECTIONPLANEs, or BIMSECTIONs at the same time.

Continue to use all modeling and editing tools

Clip display also only CLIPS the DISPLAY of the model, where a Live section temporarily replaces the model with cut solids. This means you are still working directly with your model, and can continue to use all modeling and editing tools, including object snaps.

What’s more Clip display will also allow you to snap to points created by the cutting plane itself, providing you with an additional set of options.

Clipped sections are updated in real time

Finally Clipped sections are updated in real time as you move them, allowing you to quickly change focus around your model.

Jason Bourhill

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