Ready to test your BricsCAD IQ and see how many of these BricsCAD cursor functionalities you already know? Whether you’re a newbie or a BricsCAD veteran, there’s always something new to learn and new functionalities to unlock!

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With the BricsCAD Cursor:

change the size of the BricsCAD cursor

1 Change the crosshair size

Ever wish you had a bigger cursor? In BricsCAD it’s easy to make the cursor bigger (or smaller). Enter CursorSize or open the settings and change the value of ‘Crosshairs size’ to whatever you like.

cursor crosshair color
The UCS icon and the BricsCAD cursor with new, Hello Kitty inspired, color scheme

2 Change the crosshair color

If you’re not a fan or the red, blue, green system, or you’re colorblind and can’t tell the difference, you can change the axis color to anything you like!

change colour settings
The settings for the axis color

Simply enter the settings menu and change the axis color(s) as required.

Note: this also changes the colors of the UCS icon.

modify isometric cursor bricscad
Snap Isometric pair (left to right): let, top right

3 Make the cursor isometric

Technically this isn’t really a cursor mod, although it does change the way the cursor looks!

I cursor crosshair will change to isometric when you turn isometric snapping on. Open the settings and change ‘Snap style‘ to ‘Isometric snap‘.

isometric mode bricscad cursor

Isometric snap changes the grid, snap distance and crosshair cursor to the current isometric plane. It also adds the Isocircle option to the Ellipse command.

Isometric snapping works when ORTHO is switched ‘on’.

You can choose between Left, Top and Right isometric pair snaping.

isometric snap mode BricsCAD

This snap mode also works on temporary snap tracking.

tempary tracking snap mode isometric
Isometric snap tracking also works on temporary snap tracking.

Note: in 3D view, this has no effect on the way the cursor looks. 

hover change visual style
Top left: stippled line (default). Bottom left: different color. Top right: thickened line. Bottom right: color and thickness.

4 Change the way the entity highlights on hover

If you have trouble seeing your cursor when you hover over an entity or trouble seeing which part of an entity is selected during a hover, you can change the way the entity looks when you hover the cursor over the entity.

Simply enter Settings and choose between stippled line (default), different color, thickened line and color and thickness.

cursor hover change settings bricscad

rollover tips change layer bricscad cursor

5 Rollover Tips

If you’re not already using Rollover tips yet, why not? It puts entity information right under your cursor and allows you to change properties, such as layer, without going through panels.

You can also customize your Rollover Tips, so it shows only the information you need!

custom rollover tips
Customized Rollover tips

If you don’t like Rollerove Tips, you can turn it off. Access it in the Status bar (bottom right corner) under ‘RT’, enter RolloverTips into the Command line and change the value to 0, or turn it “off” from via the Settings menu.

turn off widget box popup next to mouse bricscad
Rollover tips BricsCAD cursor settings

Revert back to defaults

So you’ve messed around with the cursor and you want to get back to how things were originally?

The good news is that this is an easy fix. Simply right-click the setting and select ‘Restore default value’. Any settings that have been changed from default display as blue.

restore default BricsCAD settings
Restoring the default value of the cursor in BricsCAD Settings.

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