“Why should we consider BricsCAD for our Company?”

I get this question a lot, so it seems fitting to start our Q&A series with it. But there’s not just one reason you should consider BricsCAD – there are many. I’ll start with my favorite 7 reasons to move to BricsCAD:

1. BricsCAD offers innovative AI/machine learning tools like BLOCKIFY, COPYGUIDED and PARAMETRIZE to speed your 2D/3Dworkflows

BricsCAD® isn’t a clone – it’s a rapidly evolving, powerful CAD platform with features the competition simply doesn’t have– yet is highly compatible with what you already know. Check out all the exciting possibilities on our web site under the various product pages as you see here:

BricscAD home page move
The different BricsCAD Product versions

2. BricsCAD delivers an IT-friendly, compact deployment – the installer is less than 500MB in size and contains all product versions.

No more downloading 8 different, huge installation packages. Just download the one installer and the correct version will be authorized based on your license key. Simple, compact and fast.

And for larger deployments, our fully silent installer plays nice with SCCM/Configuration Manager tools to install BricsCAD in just minutes.

3. BricsCAD offers perpetual and network multi-user licenses – or subscribe if you like – all at great prices.

  • Maintenance keeps you up to date with the latest releases
  • All Licenses work anywhere on Earth with no cost uplift
  • BricsCAD® offers network and volume licensing, too
  • No named user licensing hassles
  • Licenses work on any of 15 language versions

Perpetual licenses or rent. Use network or standalone licenses.  Or mix them together to get the environment that makes sense for you. The point is – it’s YOUR choice!

4. BricsCAD supports multi-threaded, multi-processor operations to speed product performance

The bit coded MTFLAGS system variable allows highly specific control over parallel tasking performance. With multi-threading, BricsCAD® can take real advantage of multi-core CPUs.

settings mutli thread faster cad bricscad

5. BricsCAD reads and writes 2018 .dwg with superb fidelity

And BricsCAD BIM, along with BricsCAD® Mechanical, store all data in .dwg files as well. Yes, all in .dwg!

6. BricsCAD is highly compatible with the industry-leading CAD program

  • It’s command compatible
  • It’s menu (.CUI) compatible
  • It’s macro/script compatible
  • It’s LISP (.LSP) compatible
  • It’s support file (.PC3, .LIN, .PAT, .DWT, .SSM) compatible

If you know AutoCAD®, you can learn BricsCAD® in an hour

You won’t have to change your standard printers, templates, blocks or sheet sets to adopt BricsCAD® – bring them into BricsCAD® so your users feel right at home, right away.  You can use these tools just like you normally would.

7. BricsCAD offers a full Visual LISP API in all editions – Lite, Pro, BIM, Mechanical & Ultimate

You won’t have to abandon your customized LISP routines to adopt BricsCAD® – just load them in using APPLOAD or the ON_START.LSP file and you’re good to go. And this includes our lowest cost BricsCAD® Lite tool as well!

Don’t Take My Word for It!

Try BricsCAD for yourself, free for 30 days and see what you like most about using BricsCAD®. And if you have any questions please post your comments below, so I can answer them in a future blog post.