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3D printed body parts

3D printed body parts, it may seem like a wild plotline straight out of a sci-fi movie, but with the news this week, that 3D bioprinting is now possible in space, I am going to talk you through some of the major developments in the weird and...


The guys who created Quickdraw

This week I had a pleasure of interviewing Wouter Nys and Sander Valcke, the guys who created Quickdraw. They’re not only a hilarious duo, that clearly get along well, but they are also completely dedicated to their V19 development: Quickdraw...

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“BricsCAD® Unplugged”

Heidi Hewett, Matt Olding, Don Strimbu, Robert Green & many more

The Bricsys Team

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Adaptive Grid Snap

New in BricsCAD v19 – Adaptive Grid Snap

BricsCAD v19 enables you to draw and edit more accurately with less keyboard entry. It automatically applies a grid snap that dynamically adapts to the current zoom level. You typically zoom based on the level of detail and accuracy you need. If...

Are flying cars coming out soon?

I want to talk to you about the future and this time, I really do mean flying cars! But also 3D printed motorbikes and driverless vehicles. Flying Cars Big news, at least for Sci-Fi and car nerds such as myself. Audi, working with the Airbus...