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Dynamic Blocks vs. 2D Parametric Blocks

If you come from an AutoCAD® design environment, you may be familiar with Dynamic Blocks. Keep reading to find out why Parametric Blocks have the upper hand when it comes to automating repetitive tasks and how they make editing drawings faster and...

2D Parametric constraints

2D parametric constraints are used to maintain relationships and control dimensions of 2D geometry. Here at Bricsys we’re mad about Parametrics! You can find out more here and here. 2D parametric constraints can be used to make multiple versions of...

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“BricsCAD® Unplugged”

Heidi Hewett, Matt Olding, Don Strimbu, Robert Green & many more

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Renée Gailhoustet – A life’s work

French architect and urban planner Renée Gailhoustet is to be awarded the Großer Kunstpreis Berlin (Berlin Grand Art Prize) 2019 in March 18th at the age of 89. In honor of this we take a look at her life and work. Despite her famed and respected...

Who is Ted Rossdale?

Something strange is happening at Bricsys today. The lights on the 1st floor are a noticeably different hue, there is a camera crew setting up and the whole place is chanting “Ted Rossdale”. This doesn’t feel like a standard day at...

artificial intelligence in design

Artificial Intelligence in Design

I’ve already spoken to you about some the advances of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and last week I showed you how you can get the most from ML and MI in BricsCAD. This week I’m going to introduce you to the company NVIDIA and some of the...