Artifex Reinforcement

Artifex is CAD reinforcement with intelligent objects. Faulty steel lists due to forgotten part changes are now a thing of the past, thanks to Artifex!

When reinforcement bars or reinforcement mats are entered, a model is created in a database. Any number of representations of this model can be inserted into the reinforcement plan and are automatically linked to the specifications of the model.

You can enter reinforcement in any CAD – drawing via parametric objects. When using Artifex, special 2- or 3-dimensional objects as an “Edge-” are not required but are used in the building design and special features of the reinforcement program.

Special Bending Molds

Special bending molds are possible thanks to special, non-standard forms of almost all specialist areas of reinforcement e.g. tunnels or 3D reinforcement. Forms are created and transferred. The high degree of interaction between the representations and automation reduces the time required to create installations and allows you to generate new positions by copying and modifying existing positions.

Automatically Updated Linked Images

Changes to numbers, bending shapes, diameters or individual lengths are instantly updated in all linked images which makes even complex, reinforcement drawing changes easy and eliminates tedious searches of mating representations.

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