Assembly design using BricsCAD Communicator

The assembly design functions have been extended in BricsCAD V16. The BricsCAD communicator module enables CAD data exchange by providing import and export capabilities in various native and neutral file formats.

Supported formats include neutral ones, such as STEP and IGES; native formats, such as CATIA, Inventor, and SolidWorks; and kernel formats, such as Parasolid. All editions of BricsCAD export drawings and models in ACIS, DWG, 2D PDF, and a variety of raster formats.

In V16 it’s now possible to import not only the geometry, but also the product structure from other CAD assembly files.

In this tutorial, we import a SolidWorks conveyor assembly into BricsCAD. In the settings panel, you can enable “import product structure”. BricsCAD now generates the full assembly structure.

Import CAD assemblies including their product structure

You can navigate through the product structure using the Mechanical Browser.
 Imported parts and subassemblies are represented by local components.

Copy local components into a new document using “open as a copy”

The “Open as a copy” command allows you to copy a local component into a new document.
 Change the color of the part and add radius constraints to make this component parametric.
 After a modification the component can be saved.

Replace components

The new “Replace component” function allows you to replace all inserted components with a modified one.
 Note that all components now have a parameter to control the roller radius.

Create a new common parameter to control all these internal parameters simultaneously.
 All rollers are changed parametrically.
 By changing one parameter at the assembly level, you can automatically obtain different configurations of the model
 The “Replace component” function also takes into account the current values of components parameters. 
While replacing components BricsCAD automatically maintains the values and expressions specified for the assembly.

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