BIMify: Auto classification in BricsCAD BIM

“So what is classification, and why should I care?”

The process of classification is central to effective information management in any discipline. It’s one of seven required components for achieving Level 2 BIM. It’s all about deciding what you want to call things in your model. The workflow is about dividing elements of your BIM into groups, according to their types. The process has been around forever, since well before computers. Why is it so important in BIM?

Classification tells the BIM which is which

The classification scheme tells the system which things are which: doors, windows, slabs, structural elements. The beauty of the Bricsys approach to BIM is that we leverage solid modelling to speed the schematic/conceptual design phase. This method gives you ultimate freedom to create real-world spaces in 3D from the start.

Solids modelling can also give you very precise control over the design of building elements. But you still have to think about what they are, right? Doors, windows, walls – yes, those are pretty easy. But beams, pipes, ducts, conduits, slabs? That’s not so easy.

It’s not easy, so we do auto classification

One great thing about Bricsys? We believe that there are things that you’re good at – like design. And there are things that your computer is good at – like calculations. The BIMify tool in BricsCAD BIM is smart. And it’s really good at auto classification. It classifies the solid elements in your BIM, based on what they look like and where they are located. The same way that you’d do it, but about one hundred thousand times faster. If you have to classify, you should do auto classification. That’s a given.

Model freely, BIM faster

With BricsCAD Shape up front, capturing the client’s needs (potentially in real-time) – and tools like BIMify doing auto classification in BricsCAD BIM – the last part of the process is construction documentation. Well, BricsCAD BIM does everything that other systems do, and more. And it does it all in .dwg. If you’re excited by the prospect of auto classification, you’ll love the BIM Connect tool, too.

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Don Strimbu

Don is our VP of Communications at Bricsys. He has spent 2/3rds of his life in the CAD industry. Don is a huge fan of (truly usable) technology, high fidelity audio and (really) well-designed machines.

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