AUTOBIM3D is the brand new software for Tracéocad’s AUTOFLUID* 10 suite. It will allow you to fully design your 2D HVAC plans, with all of AUTOFLUID 10 benefits, and then easily integrate them in a 3D BIM project.

With AUTOBIM3D, make sure to keep your working modes AND ensure the production of liable 3D models for your BIM projects. – TRACEOCAD

Why choose AUTOBIM3D?

Because all the tests that have been carried out show that producing a 3D BIM project in order to extract 2D fluid plans is laborious and unnecessary : it is a waste of time and leads to unwarranted expense. Indeed, the plans that result from this 3D > 2D transformation lack accuracy and liability, which only causes multiple reviews, readjustments, and the inevitable implementation errors.

Tracéocad has developed AUTOBIM3D to make up for this problem. It is the solution to design accurate, detailed 2D plans and to transform them effortlessly into a 3D model.

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*AutoFLUID 10 is a CAD application for professionals in the fields of HVAC and sanitary, medical and industrial fluids.