Backgrounds for visualizing your 3D models

Backgrounds make your 3D visualizations better

A huge benefit of modeling in 3D is using your model for sharing and visualization. You can use backgrounds to enhance the visual quality of your 3D models in BricsCAD. This video by Ralph Grabowski shows you how to use the Background command to specify colors, gradients, and image parameters.

First, set your Visual Style to “Model”. The Background command needs a visual style set to something other than “2D wireframe” mode. Next, simply start the BACKGROUND command. Go to the top of the dialog, and you’ll see your type choices – solid colors, gradients or images.  Solids are pretty self-explanatory. Gradients transition from one color to another – for example, from blue sky to green grass. You have the ability to use a two-color or three-color gradient in BricsCAD.

Using images as backgrounds gives you the ability to “place” your model in a scene. Select your image file, and you can move and scale it to fit your graphics window. Then, you can zoom, pan and adjust the viewing angle to better fit the model into the image.  You have additional options that are available when you use an image as a background: stretch, center or tile the image to fit on the screen. Next, you can lock the aspect ratio of the image to keep it from distorting. Finally, the sliders in the Background dialog give you the choice of adjusting the background image’s scale or offset.

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If you want to learn more about 3D modeling, rendering and using backgrounds for visualization, just click on the links below. They’ll take you to the related page in the BricsCAD on-line help system:


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