Batch Processing in BricsCAD Sheet Metal

Increase your productivity with Batch scripts

Since version 15.3, BricsCAD provides a LISP API for Sheet Metal. The API allows you to write very powerful scripts which can save you a lot of manual processing work and increase your productivity.

In this case, we’ve made a lisp script to automatically unfold all sheet metal parts. With the help of the BricsCAD communicator module, we imported a sheet metal part in .step file format. The model contains numerous sheet metal parts of a different thickness. Imagine the amount of manual work we would have to flatten every part manually. The script we’ve created can do all this work automatically, in one batch.

Open the “Load application files” dialog and load a script file. Select a folder for the processed part. Every part in the drawing is treated with sheet metal design recognition and unfolded into a flat part. This LISP script is just an example. The LISP API for Sheet Metal is flexible to create your own scripts to automate your custom processes. BricsCAD just did an impressive amount of work in only one minute.

By checking out the logs, you can see three parts were processed with warnings. There seems to be a problem in Body 41. Let’s unfold it manually and see where the problem is. The unfolded body seems to have overlappings, so manual assistance is needed here.

BricsCAD just did an impressive amount of work in only one minute.

Hannes L.

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