BricsCAD BIM basics: Adding data to your BIM

In the previous videos, we touched on geometry creation with polysolids and surfaces, like how windows and doors can be placed. Even how selections can be made and how the features are accessed with the Quad. Now, we get to an even more interesting part: how to add data to your BIM. Data can be added in numerous ways. We’ll highlight two that serve as gateways to utilizing even more powerful tools in BricsCAD BIM, such as the structure browse.

Two ways to add data

The first way is to select the surface, access the Quad and click on the feature to classify it as a wall. There are numerous properties associated with it. BIM, IFC and Quantity sections have been added. So the type is now designated as wall. Now, you’ll find the wall in the building elements in the Structure Browser.

The second way is to assign compositions to the object. You can add compositions by selecting multiple walls. Select assign compositions in the Quad and then chose the composition from the dialog box. Another way is to select walls, highlight the desired composition on the BIM Compositions browser. Then drag and drop it onto one of the selected walls.

Adding data to your BIM by utilizing classifications and compositions provides a way to quickly begin to leverage the “I” in BIM. It enhances the ability to investigate, adapt, and ultimately work with the BIM in creative ways.

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