BricsCAD BIM basics: Windows and doors

Everyone wants doors or windows in their building. This video shows you have to place them in your walls.

In BricsCAD BIM you have a windows and doors library, to acces it just have the cursor in the workspace. Then right click, select BIM Insert from Quad and the browser appears with the default library options. After choosing you desired window, insert it in the surface When inserting a window, you have to consider three things:

  • the surface it will be inserted on,
  • where it is located on that surface,
  • the size of the window.

A quick best practice tip to insert another window or door that is already included in the BIM is to highlight it and then select BIM Insert from the quad.  This automatically chooses that window type and we are ready to locate it.

Having trouble to remember what toolbar a feature is on, what the command name is or where it lives on the ribbon? Then our next video will show you why the Quad is your solution.

Sander Scheiris

As VP Marketing at Bricsys, I'm in charge of the marketing team, the corporate identity and the user interface of our products. I love photography, electronic music and I'm a petrol head.

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