BricsCAD BIM basics: Working with the Quad cursor

The Quad is the solution if you forget where a feature is on the toolbar, what a command name is or where it lives on the Ribbon. In this video, we’ll walk through the basics of the Quad, and how it can be used to model efficiently and effectively.

The Quad cursor menu, aka the Quad is an alternative to grip-editing of entities, offers a (much) richer set of editing operations while requiring fewer clicks, without cluttering the screen with loads of grip-glyphs. It’s a floating feature set that adapts based on what you are or aren’t highlighting, and what you may have selected. It also displays the highlighted entity type, relevant metrics, and if multiple entities have been selected.


  • You just need to highlight an entity and then select a feature from the quad, you don’t need to select it first.
  • The Quad changes based on what is highlighted or selected.
  • The Quad keeps a running tally of the selections.
  • The logic behind the Quad is working to put the next feature needed at your fingertips.

In the next and last video of the BricsCAD BIM basics series, you’ll find how easy and fast you can add data to your BIM.

Sander Scheiris

As VP Marketing at Bricsys, I'm in charge of the marketing team, the corporate identity and the user interface of our products. I love photography, electronic music and I'm a petrol head.

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