At Bricsys we’re going to tell you over and over again how much we love BIM, but don’t just take our word for it.  Martyn Day of AEC Magazine has just labeled BricsCAD® BIM the “R—- Killer”. Read the full article here. It’s free to download and read. Or, if just seeing that cover is enough for you, check out our overview of What’s New in BricsCAD® BIM V19.

What is BricsCAD BIM?

bim killer bricscad Building information ModelingBricsCAD® BIM delivers the best .dwg-based architectural design & documentation workflow available today. It is the only Building Information Modeling system allows designers to move from concept to sheet sets in one .dwg-based workflow.

If you don’t already know; BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. In laymen’s terms, a BIM is a digital representation of your building design. Not just the shape of the building, but all the information an architect needs. BIM integrates structural elements, provides quantity takeoffs and lets one visualize MEP systems. The creation of construction documentation becomes a by-product of creating a BIM. The maths behind BIM are some pretty complex stuff, but that doesn’t mean that the software has to be.

Unfortunately, in some BIM workflows, conceptual designs are created in other software packages. A common workflow starts in SketchUp from Trimble, and that model is used for rendering and client approval. Then, the actual Building Information Model itself is created from scratch in a product like Autodesk® Revit. This start-stop workflow takes extra time. It can suffer from errors in design intent translation between the concept model and the actual BIM. Perhaps more insidious is the fact that it is totally possible to create non-buildable structures in surface-based conceptual design tools!

Start in 3D, Stay in 3D

With BricsCAD BIM, you start in 3D and stay in 3D. You can create your conceptual design in our .dwg-based, free-of-charge solid modeler, BricsCAD® Shape. After approval, just open the .dwg in BricsCAD® BIM, run BIMify and you’re off to the races! And now in BricsCAD® BIM V19, the BricsCAD® Shape conceptual modeling workspace is built in! And we haven’t even told you about the new QUICKDRAW tool in BricsCAD® BIM V19… now, that’s the way to really start your design in 3D!

On the other end of the BIM workflow – conventional BIM products often require some manual management of drawing views for construction documentation. Ensuring the integrity of each view of every drawing in a sheet set can be a complex process, with high potential for error. Not with BricsCAD® BIM – use the tools that you already know – like sheet sets. The model and its metadata are managed automatically, along with the required drawings. Any changes made in the BIM are flagged for review in the drawing layouts. No stress! See Heidi Hewett talk through our unique, .dwg-based BIM workflow or watch a  live demo.

Ready to try BricsCAD® BIM?

Easy to try, easy to buy, easy to own. That’s BricsCAD® BIM. Try all of our products, for free for 30 days at Freedom of choice, plus perpetual (permanent) product licenses that work with all languages, in all places. You’ll love what we’ve built for you with the BricsCAD® V19 product family.