BricsCAD Classic is the solution to “Lite” CAD

Are you using a “Lite” CAD product and feeling trapped by it’s simple customization abilities? BricsCAD Classic brings the full customization power of LISP to .dwg-based CAD. If you are using another 2D CAD product today, you’re definitely missing out on BricsCAD’s friendly licensing terms. Of course, you don’t have access to BricsCAD’s industry-leading direct support, either. No doubt that you’re paying too much, too. Finally, only Bricsys offers modern, powerful .dwg-based CAD at a fair price, with a permanent or “perpetual” license.

So, what’s this LISP thing, again?

LISP is the powerful programming language that sits at the heart of industry leading CAD systems. LISP allows you, the user, to create your own commands on the fly. Also, LISP programs can allow you to extend or redefine existing CAD commands. But until BricsCAD Classic arrived, most 2D CAD lacked this kind of customization. When you run other 2D “Lite” CAD programs, you have to do it their way. When you use BricsCAD and leverage the power of LISP, you can do it your way.

But I don’t write code!

You don’t have to be a programmer to leverage the power of LISP! You can find hundreds of thousands of free LISP routines on the Internet, from trusted sources like Cadalyst Magazine. If your company creates and uses LISP routines for use with other CAD products, they will load and run directly in all editions of BricsCAD.

What else does BricsCAD Classic do?

When you run BricsCAD Classic, you can do everything that “Lite” CAD users do, and more. The amazing BricsCAD Quad cursor is available at your command, and is easier than ever to configure. If you use the command line, autocomplete will dramatically reduce keystrokes. BricsCAD Classic lets you edit the properties of multiple entities at one time. Also, like every BricsCAD edition, Classic contains a full 2D geometric constraint engine. And, if you want network or volume licensing on a multi-platform (Windows, OS X, Linux) product, your choice is clear.

Did we tell you that it costs less to buy a permanent, perpetual license of BricsCAD Classic for less than the yearly rental cost of other “Lite” CAD products? You should try BricsCAD today!