With their latest ProDOK version NG (Next Generation), Rösberg Engineering is fully committed to BricsCAD. AutoCAD® is no longer supported in the latest release of their I&C-CAE (Instrumentation & Control – Computer Aided Engineering) system. Now as a BricsCAD-only product, ProDOK NG offers a true cost-effective alternative with lower acquisition costs and very low maintenance fees.

What is ProDOK NG?

ProDOK NG is Rösberg’s I&C CAE system for the planning and operational support of process engineering plants. Rösberg designed ProDOK NG to guarantee rational, consistent project planning and documentation. ProDOK NG ensures an integrated planning process with unified rules.

Customer satisfaction is Rösberg’s number one priority. That is why the automation specialists from Germany are constantly striving to further develop their products. After a detailed test phase and analysis, they decided to implement BricsCAD.

Optimized for BricsCAD

In close collaboration with Bricsys, the software was optimized for implementation in ProDOK NG. The transition to BricsCAD is very easy because the interface and commands are familiar to AutoCAD® users. Users can now quickly, easily and efficiently perform all the graphical tasks involved in the I&C planning of process plants.

Changes to drawings are automatically updated in the powerful editors. Symbols and free graphics are easily integrated through expandable libraries. Those symbols link to the loops and resources via intelligent couplings and thus display current data, e.g. the allocation of a device.

The two latest modules of ProDOK NG also benefit from their integration with BricsCAD. Electrical diagrams can be drawn in the electrical engineering module. The P&ID module allows the graphical creation of P&ID flow diagrams. This makes ProDOK NG the system solution for all trades in the planning and operational support of process engineering plants.

For more information on ProDOK NG and its versatile range of functions, have a look at their website.