BricsCAD Journey – Part 22: 3D Mesh Entities

BricsCAD supports a variety of Mesh entities including primitive shapes and other meshes. You can access the mesh creation tools from the Model>Meshes menu.

BricsCAD Meshes menu

Mesh Primitives

Mesh primitive tools enable you to create basic 3D shapes in the same way you may be familiar with in AutoCAD. The resulting entities are generated as sets of faces and are, therefore, hollow inside.

Mesh Primitives

When you create any of the curved meshes, you must specify the number of segments to approximate the curved faces.

Curved Mesh Primitives

More Mesh Shapes

Additional tools from the Meshes menu enable you to create a variety of other mesh shapes. For example, you can pick points in 3D space to define the vertices of a mesh, revolve a profile around an axis, or create a ruled mesh between two profiles. The possibilities are endless!

More Mesh Shapes

Mesh Editing

Because mesh entities are defined by sets of faces, they offer unique editing opportunities. For example, you might start with a primitive sphere and then use grips to move various vertices.

Mesh Editing

What Next?

I didn’t spend too much time on Mesh entities because I want to move on to Solids. Solid modeling is the foundation for much of the advanced modeling functionality in BricsCAD. Join me for the next stop on our BricsCAD tour to learn more!

Looking Back

If you missed the previous tours on our BricsCAD Journey, it’s never too late to catch up! First, learn about functionality in the BricsCAD Classic Edition. Then, continue on to the Pro Edition. Everything you learn about Classic also applies to Pro!

Heidi Hewett

As User Success Manager, Heidi brings her passion for learning to Bricsys, where she will work to help our customers understand the fastest path to success with BricsCAD products. During her 26-year tenure at Autodesk, Heidi worked as a Training Specialist, a Senior Applications Engineer and as a Technical Marketing Manager.

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