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BricsCAD Journey: Download and install

Welcome to Heidi’s Blog! You may have read in my previous post that I am a long-time AutoCAD user transitioning to BricsCAD. I hope you’ll join me as I embark on my journey through the land of BricsCAD! Our first stop is the Bricsys home page where you can download and install a free trial of BricsCAD (among other great applications).

Visiting the Bricsys Website

When you visit Bricsys.com you can explore the different design solutions under the Products link. I’ll introduce you to some of those apps later. My focus for now is BricsCAD, which you can easily download from the link at the bottom of the Bricsys home page.

Bricsys products

Download the BricsCAD Free Trial

The download form is simple, without requiring you to provide a lot of excess information. Just enter your email address and then select the options for your download! You can select from Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems in 18 different languages! If you select the Windows operating system, you can also choose whether you want the 32 or 64-bit version. After specifying your download options, agree to the Terms of Use and choose Download.

BricsCAD download options

If you haven’t yet created a Bricsys account using the email address you entered, you can create one or enter a different email address for which you’ve previously created a Bricsys account. Then you’re ready to download!

BricsCAD signin

You may have the option to Run the install as soon as it downloads or save the download to install later. Based on experience with other CAD software, you may automatically want to save the download first and then install it another time. Why do you do that? The download and install of some popular CAD applications takes a significant amount of time. So, you separate them into two tasks that you can squeeze into your busy workday. No need to squeeze with BricsCAD! It’s fast! You won’t even have time to grab a coffee during the few minutes it takes to download and install BricsCAD! You’ll just have to find another excuse for your coffee break.

In fact, BricsCAD downloads and installs so fast that many newbees, like me, try to download it multiple times thinking it’s failed! Rest assured it’s just THAT fast! So, feel free to save the download and install later, but don’t let time constraints be the reason why! I prefer to get it done, so I choose Run!

Install BricsCAD Software

On my system, with a wireless connection, it took about 1 minute to download. When it finishes downloading, the installer prompts you to accept the license agreement and install location. You can also choose to add a shortcut to the desktop and automatically display release notes when the install completes. And for those of you considering a move from AutoCAD, notice the options for file associations. I expect those look familiar to you!


  BricsCAD file associations

If you’re sitting right there ready to respond to those prompts, the install only takes about one minute. So, don’t be tempted to take that coffee break just yet!

BricsCAD install complete

When BricsCAD finishes installing, you can choose to activate it using the 30 day trial or enter a valid license key.

HH_BricsCAD Activation

If you choose to activate the trial, each time you launch BricsCAD you’re reminded how many days are remaining in your trial and you’re offered another opportunity to enter a valid license key.

HH_BricsCAD Trial

Thanks for joining me on the first stop of my journey to BricsCAD. I hope you had the opportunity to install the trial and will follow along as the journey continues!

Heidi Hewett

As User Success Manager, Heidi brings her passion for learning to Bricsys, where she will work to help our customers understand the fastest path to success with BricsCAD products. During her 26-year tenure at Autodesk, Heidi worked as a Training Specialist, a Senior Applications Engineer and as a Technical Marketing Manager.


  • I think you are going to like this, it’s going to be really interesting to see how you get on with all this new stuff in plain old .dwg exciting times ahead. Enjoy

  • The BricsCAD install couldn’t have been easier. I’m also a long-time AutoCAD user and all my drawings have opened in BricsCAD without a hitch. I’ve not noticed any missing content. Now to start using the features and looking over the tutorials.

  • For anybody used to lengthy downloads and installs of today’s bloated AutoCAD releases, the BricsCAD process is a breath of fresh air. Where I’ve installed BricsCAD on AutoCAD users’ PCs, when it’s finished they usually say things like “Is that it?”

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