Welcome back to my journey through the land of BricsCAD. If you are following along using the free 30-day trial, it may be close to expiring. Mine is! So, maybe this is a good time to review license options. I briefly described them in a previous post. Now, I’ll cover them in more detail and lead you through the activation process.

Choose your Edition

BricsCAD is available in 3 editions: Classic, Pro, and Platinum. You can see how these editions compare to each other and AutoCAD® in the online comparison table.

If you create general 2D designs, the Classic edition may be right for you. Think of it like you’d think of AutoCAD LT®. If you do any 3D modeling or run third-party CAD applications, you’ll need BricsCAD Pro.

BricsCAD Platinum includes assembly modelling with a full 3D constraint system. If your designs include mechanical modelling or sheet metal, you can add the Mechanical module to BricsCAD Platinum. It offers the best sheet metal modeling solution available today. If you work in the building industry and are contemplating a move to BIM, you’ll also need Platinum – it is the foundation for BricsCAD BIM.

BricsCAD Pricing

Choose your Modules

Three modules are available as add-on applications to BricsCAD: Communicator, Mechanical, and BIM. If you design for the manufacturing industry and need to exchange data with other popular manufacturing applications, you should consider adding Communicator to your Pro or Platinum edition. Communicator running with BricsCAD Pro can import parts. And, Communicator running with Platinum can import full assemblies with embedded PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information).

As I stated above, you’ll need BricsCAD Platinum for mechanical modeling (including sheet metal design) or the BricsCAD BIM solution.

Choose your License

BricsCAD offers flexible licensing options so you can purchase the right software with terms that best meet your needs. You can buy a perpetual license or an annual subscription. Additional options include volume, network, and academic licensing.

Perpetual license

When you purchase a perpetual license, you own the software! And remember, BricsCAD editions run on Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux – your choice! Pretty amazing, right?

You can choose from two options. The All-In Maintenance option includes automatic upgrades and support. It’s the least expensive way to stay up to date with BricsCAD. Or, if you prefer to purchase upgrades at your discretion, you have that option!

subscription options for BricsCAD

Subcription license

When you choose the rental option, you have access to the latest version of BricsCAD for a year. It includes Priority Support and access to all new versions that are released during the time your subscription is active.

Academic License

Students, faculty, instructors, and educational institutions have free access to all BricsCAD software for 12 months. And, you can renew it yearly with a current student ID. Simply register as a student or school/teacher with your academic information.

free BricsCAD for students

Additional license options

The most common type of license is for a single-user. However, BricsCAD is also available with network or volume licenses.

Single user License

The single user license agreement is for a single user. However, each single user license allows two activations. You can install it on two machines, for example a workstation in the office and a laptop in the field. But, only one can be in use at any time.  Single user licensing is available for perpetual or rental licensing. Academic licenses for students are always single-user.

Network License

The network licensing agreement enables multiple users to access BricsCAD within a LAN (Local Area Network). The number of available network licenses defines the number of users who can concurrently use the software. The network license option is available with perpetual or rental licensing and includes a one year maintenance contract to get you started. Network licensing is also available to institutions using an academic license.

Volume License

The volume licensing agreement allows you to use BricsCAD software within a defined user base. You can install the software using a single license key valid for every user. This greatly simplifies license management. The volume license option is available with perpetual or rental licensing and includes a one year maintenance contract to get you started. And, it’s the default for an institutional academic license.

Activate your Trial

Regardless of which licensing option you choose, you’ll receive a license key to activate your trial. First, launch the software and then choose Enter License.

free BricsCAD

Enter your BricsCAD license key. If you’re using a network license, you may have to contact your administrator for relevant server information.

free Cad software BricsCAD

After activating your license, you’ll receive the following message with important information.

Successfully Activated License

Need help with your license setup or activation? There’s a great section in the online help system that will get you all of the answers you need.

Manage your Licenses

Inside BricsCAD you can view and manage your software licenses in the License Manager (LICENSEMANAGER command). It indicates your active license and enables you to upgrade to a higher license. If you purchased a higher license than what is indicated, check the RUNASLEVEL setting that I described for trial licenses. If, for example, you purchased a Platinum license but RUNASLEVEL is set to Classic, the License Manager will indicate that you have a Classic license. And, because the BIM, Mechanical, and Communicator modules require at least Pro (Communicator) or Platinum (BIM & Mechanical) editions, those modules are inaccessible.

BricsCAD license options

After activating a Platinum license and ensuring RUNASLEVEL is set to Platinum, all three modules are accessible. And, if you have remaining trial time for those modules, you can continue to use them until they expire. Choose Buy to purchase a license for any of the modules directly from the Bricsys store.

active licenses in BricsCAD

After you obtain a license key, choose Details. Then, choose Modify and enter the key to activate the module. You must relaunch BricsCAD for the new application to load.

Even with BricsCAD and all the modules activated, you can continue to use RUNASLEVEL to try the software at lower levels. If you’re a CAD Manager, this can help you determine which editions and modules are best suited for various users. For example, you can set the BricsCAD level to Platinum and change BIM to No license. Or, set BricsCAD to the Pro edition and Communicator to a Full license.

What’s next?

Join me for the next stop on my BricsCAD Journey as we take a closer look at the tools to define, insert, and manage blocks!

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