I hope you’ve enjoyed our BricsCAD Journey as much as I have! This wraps up the second stage of the journey which focused on the BricsCAD Pro Edition. Combining our Pro and Classic tours, we’ve explored more than 30 topics. That’s approximately one post per each year that I’ve used AutoCAD. As a dedicated AutoCAD user for more than 3 decades, I never imagined I would feel as confident and comfortable using any other CAD application. But I do, and I am, with BricsCAD!

Having thoroughly explored the BricsCAD Classic and Pro Editions, I am perfectly satisfied with replacing my AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD. But, why settle for satisfied? BricsCAD has even more to offer with the Platinum Edition, Sheet Metal, and BIM. It’s all so exciting, I don’t know where to go next! Maybe you can help me decide. Feel free to email me (heidi.hewett@bricsys.com) with any topics you’d like me to cover. Here are a few resources to inspire you and help you continue your BricsCAD Journey.

BricsCAD Trial

If you haven’t already installed the trial, what are you waiting for? Download it today and follow my BricsCAD Journey from the very beginning! I’ll share my experience from the Download all the way through 2D drafting tools and 3D modeling. And, I’ll even introduce you to 3rd party applications. It’s never too late to join the Journey!

BricsCAD - Trial download

Bricsys 2018

Join us for our annual conference, Bricsys 2018! It’s in London and it’s the place to be October 23 & 24. I’m teaming up with Robert Green, renowned expert on CAD Management, as we each share experiences about of our move to BricsCAD. That’s just one of the many sessions you can attend to learn more about everything BricsCAD has to offer. Check out this BricsCAD Unplugged webinar for a sneak peek at BricsCAD 2018.

Bricsys 2018

BricsCAD Unplugged

Speaking of BricsCAD Unplugged, we go live on Facebook every Wednesday to discuss various BricsCAD topics. Join us live or view the recorded sessions on Facebook and YouTube. You never know what might happen or who might join us!

BricsCAD Unplugged

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The new Online Help system offers a central location where you can easily search through tutorials, help content, and the knowledge base!

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You can purchase BricsCAD at any time from our website. Choose from flexible software and licensing options, all at surprisingly affordable prices!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for joining me on my BricsCAD Journey. I never imagined learning a CAD application could be so much fun. And, I can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend!