Thanks for joining me on my BricsCAD Journey. During our last stop we explored tools for creating 3D solids. But, just like with 2D designs, you probably spend most of your time editing entities, not creating them. Before you can edit geometry, however, you must select it. With solid editing, it’s important to understand selection modes.

Sub-entity Selection Modes

Selection modes define which sub-entities highlight for editing. You can easily access them from the Selection Modes toolbar, which is displayed in the 3D Modeling workspace.

Selection Modes toolbar

You can also set them at the Command line or in the Settings dialog box via the SELECTIONMODES system variable. Options include edges, faces, and boundary detection.

Selection modes settings

When you enable edges or faces, BricsCAD prioritizes that type of selection. If you enable both, BricsCAD highlights the most appropriate one based on the location of the cursor. And, if you turn on boundary detection while you pass the cursor over a face with a boundary, that boundary is included in the selection. If you don’t enable any of the selection options, when you pass the cursor over a solid, the entire entity highlights, regardless of the cursor position.

Highlighting subentities

If the current selection mode doesn’t highlight what you want, you can press the Ctrl key to invert the status of the selection. You can also press the Tab key to cycle through each of the selection options for the current position of the cursor, one by one.

What’s Next?

Now that you’re familiar with selection modes, it’s time to edit! Join me for the next stop on our BricsCAD Journey as we explore solid editing functionality.

Looking Back

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