The next stop on our BricsCAD Journey is truly enlightening! Today we’ll explore lighting options to add more realism to your 3D models. BricsCAD offers sun lighting as well as four additional types of lights including distant, spot, point, and web lights.

Lights - Sunlight and porch lights

You can create and manage all your light sources from the Lights panels in Drawing Explorer (SUN and LIGHTLIST commands).

BricsCAD LIghting - Drawing Explorer Lights

Sun Light

Each viewport can include one source of sunlight. You can easily view and edit Sun properties in the Edit properties of the Active Viewport Sun panel in Drawing Explorer. Specify options such as intensity and color. And you can even specify a geographic location along with a date and time to apply an appropriate sun angle. Ensure shadows are turned on.

BricsCAD Lights - Sun light

In the following example, I set Denver as the Geographic location. The date and time for the first image are set to September 21, 3pm. The second image shows the difference in shadows at noon on June 21.

BricsCAD Lights - Daylight

Distant Lights

A Distant light is a simple, one-directional light source. It doesn’t require a location, it only requires a direction. And, the light rays are parallel and consistent across the entire drawing. In the following example, the image on the left has a distant light directed at the front of the house. The image on the right has a distant light directed at the side of the house.

BricsCAD Lights - Distant Light Rays

In the following image, both distant lights are turned on lighting up the front and side of the model. The back and other side of the model remain dark.

BricsCAD Lights - Distant Lights

Options enable you to specify the intensity and color of each distant light as you create it.

Spot Lights

A Spot light requires a location and a direction. It displays a selectable light glyph that you can use to relocate it and edit its properties. You can change the direction in which it points as well as the hotspot and falloff angles.

BricsCAD Lights - Spot lights

Additional Properties include intensity and color.

BricsCAD Lights - Spot light properties


Point Lights

A Point light requires a location but does not require a direction because it radiates light out in every direction. You can however, limit the direction of a point light by modeling geometry around it. In the example below, think of the point light like a typical light bulb. The left image shows the light by itself. The image on the right shows it inserted in a 3D model of a light fixture. Although the point light is radiating in all directions, the top half of it is obstructed by the light fixture.

BricsCAD Lights - Point Lights

Point lights include additional properties such as intensity and color.

BricsCAD Lights - Point light properties


In addition to the Distant, Spot, and Point lights, you can create Web lights that use photometric data to emulate real light fixtures.

What Next?

After adding lights and materials to your 3D models, the final step is rendering. That’s the next stop on our BricsCAD Journey!

Looking Back

If you missed the previous tours on our BricsCAD Journey, it’s never too late to catch up! First, learn about functionality in the BricsCAD Classic Edition. Then, continue to the Pro Edition. Everything you learn about Classic also applies to Pro!