Welcome back for the final tour on our BricsCAD Journey as we explore 3rd party applications. What, you may ask, are 3rd party applications? They’re apps that developers, outside of Bricsys, create to address specific needs. Over 1500 external developers create apps for BricsCAD and about 300 of them publish their apps directly to the Bricsys App Catalog.

App Catalog

Many of the most popular 3rd party applications are available in the App Catalog on bricsys.com. You can filter apps by category or language making it easy for you to find the most relevant apps. You can also search on key terms.

3rd Party Apps - App Catalog

3rd Party Apps - App Catalog Category and Language

The App Catalog includes more than 400 apps. You can download some apps, such as express tools, free of charge. Others are available for purchase from the publisher.  I can’t possibly cover all the apps here. But, I’ll highlight a few to give you a taste of what’s available.

Express tools

Many of the express tools you may know from AutoCAD are available for BricsCAD at no charge. They were completely re-developed for BricsCAD and they allow for you to switch between English and German versions.

3rd Party Apps - Express Tools


PON CAD is a BIM-oriented app that extends BricsCAD with tools to design scaffolding, stages, stands, and covers. It aids in the design of multidirectional scaffolding, prefabricated frame scaffolding, and tube and fitting applications.

3rd Party Apps - Pon CAD

CADProfi Apps

CADprofi is a parametric application offering comprehensive tools for building design including construction, piping, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical. It includes four primary modules that you can install separately or in any combination with each other: Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, and HVAC & Piping. In addition to the main modules, CADprofi offers extensive libraries of standard symbols and content from popular manufacturers.

3rd Party Apps - CADProfi

Spatial Manager App

Spatial Manager enables you to import, export and manage geospatial data. Easily transform geometry between coordinates systems and apply background maps from popular map providers. And, you can manage the data structure and source.

3rd Party Apps - Spatial Manager

CADWorx Structure App

CADWorx Structure includes the critical tools you need for effective structural design. Create fully intelligent, 3D structural designs with the flexibility of BricsCAD’s DWG-based system. Then easily produce 2D plan and elevation drawings of the structure model using drawing templates that include dimensioning and annotation settings.

3rd Party Apps - CADWorx Structure

Civil Site Design App

Civil Site Design extends BricsCAD for civil design and engineering projects. It provides dynamic road, drainage and site design tools. Use Civil Site Design to create highway, subdivision and reconstruction road designs. It automates design elements such as intersections, cul-de-sacs and roundabouts. Civil Site Design supports both imperial and metric units. And you can configure drafting styles for local standards.

3rd Party Apps - Civil Site Design

What’s Next?

This is the last official tour on our BricsCAD Journey. But, there’s so much more to BricsCAD than what we’ve covered. Next week we’ll reflect on what we’ve learned and, together, decide where we want to go next!

Looking Back

If you missed the previous tours on our BricsCAD Journey, it’s never too late to catch up! First, learn about functionality in the BricsCAD Classic Edition. Then, continue to the Pro Edition. Everything you learn about Classic also applies to Pro!