During the last stop on our BricsCAD journey, we reviewed tools to create fundamental drawing entities. Now we’ll look at some of the settings that control how those entities are created.

The default values and preferences to create many of the fundamental 2D drawing entities are specified by system variables. You can view and modify variables in BricsCAD using the SETVAR command at the Command line. If you prefer to change variables through the user interface, you can use the Settings dialog. It offers a single, central location to view and modify all the variables in BricsCAD. There are more than 900 of them!

BricsCAD Settings

Access Settings from the General menu on the Quad or via other methods including the Command line (SETTINGS, OPTIONS).

BricsCAD Settings from the Quad

With so many variables, I can’t possibly cover them all in this post. Instead, I’ll focus on the ones for entity creation. After opening the Settings dialog box, expand the Drafting node and then expand Entity Creation. These properties apply to new entities you create. At the top of the list are general properties including color, linetype, and layer. Below that are entity-specific properties.

BricsCAD settings

Expand an entity node, such as Hatches, to view and modify its relevant properties. Select a property to display the name of the variable it controls in the lower left corner of the dialog box.

BricsCAD settings

Some of the entity controls are available from other locations, such as the Entity Properties toolbar. But, you will find ALL of them in the Settings dialog box. You don’t have to navigate through multiple dialog boxes in search of the control you want. And, the best part is the search capability. Enter a relevant term in the search box, such as HATCH or PICK. Relevant properties highlight as you click your way through each occurrence of the term. Even if you are completely new to BricsCAD, you can easily find the settings you’re looking for!

BricsCAD settings

What’s Next?

The past few stops on our BricsCAD journey focused on the most fundamental drawing tools. During our next stop, we’ll explore more advanced drawing tools… with Style!

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