BricsCAD License Server Setup

Overview on setting up BricsCAD’s network license server

The video explains how to set up a BricsCAD network license server and what advantages comes with it.

Share BricsCAD with multiple users

You can run a network license server allows BricsCAD to be shared amongst multiple users. This is a great option for people that need to utilise CAD as part of their work process. It is also extremely cost effective.

A Bricsys account provides you two key advantages

If you’re not the License owner, then it’s recommended that you first create a user account with Bricsys. This will provide you with two key advantages:

  1. Firstly, It will allow the license holder to assign you as the licence manager, meaning you can manage their BricsCAD license on their behalf;
  2. Secondly, should you strike any issues with administering the network license, you will be able to directly access next business day support from Bricsys.

License servers for Windows and Linux

There are license servers available for Windows and Linux. Details on how to set the server up can be found in the online help. This also includes links to download the server installer.

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