The world’s best .dwg-based CAD system BricsCAD Platinum V18 is now available.

With the addition of BricsCAD Sheet Metal and BricsCAD Communicator, the Platinum edition forms the core of an advanced mechanical design solution.

New Mechanical Design Features

BricsCAD Platinum V18 now supports the DWG 2018 format.

In BricsCAD Platinum V18, associative arrays can be driven by parametric expressions. Create fully parametric, table-driven families of parts in both 2D and 3D with this feature, in combination with the new Design Table functionality. This is an exciting alternative to dynamic blocks.

BricsCAD Platinum’s Bill of Materials (BOM) feature gains new power through the addition of associative balloons. Balloons are associative number tags that label assembly components in model space. The balloons will appear in associated paper space viewports, and link back to specific rows in the displayed BOM.

You can now create detail drawings of solids/parts nested inside of other components. The VIEWSECTION command now allows you to set a per-component property that will control the display of the part in associated 2D detail views.

New in BricsCAD Sheet Metal

BricsCAD’s powerful sheet metal module can now export complex assemblies containing sheet metal parts and components. An unfolded flat pattern, line-work .dxf file and HTML summary report is created automatically for each sheet metal part in the assembly.

SMEXTRUDE creates sheet metal parts from any polyline boundary. This feature, in combination with BricsCAD V18’s ability to extract edges and loops from existing geometry, can take sheet metal part creation to a new level of ease. When you run SMEXTRUDE, BricsCAD Sheet Metal will convert linear segments to flanges and arcs to bends. Hard edges in flanges automatically convert to bends.

The SMRIBCREATE command creates associative rib features from any 2D profile. Changing the defining profile updates the rib feature automatically.

New in BricsCAD Communicator BricsCAD

Communicator for V18 imports product and manufacturing information (PMI) from a variety of mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) systems. PMI conveys non-geometric data, or metadata, necessary for the manufacturing of mechanical components and assemblies.

But that’s not all…

There is so much more for you, when you choose BricsCAD Platinum V18 for mechanical part and assembly design.

Try BricsCAD Platinum and Sheet Metal V18 for free!

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