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BricsCAD Platinum Changes Everything

BricsCAD Platinum is the future of .dwg-based CAD

BricsCAD Platinum will change the way you think about .dwg-based CAD today. Have you heard that mechanical design and Building Information Modeling can’t be done in a .dwg-based CAD system? Other CAD vendors would like you to think so. We at Bricsys believe that this is untrue. We have found no inherent limitations in .dwg that would make it unsuitable as the storage file format for MCAD or BIM.

In fact, using .dwg is a more modern approach to CAD storage!

Instead of storing data in a single large file, the BricsCAD Platinum BIM module allows you to create large, full-detail models across multiple, compact .dwg files. When you use BricsCAD Platinum for mechanical design (MCAD), you can choose to keep each assembly component in an individual .dwg file. Why wouldn’t you use the de facto industry standard .dwg file to store all your CAD data? We’re committed to .dwg and we’re working daily to make it more efficient and more powerful.

Platinum is the “Swiss Army knife” of CAD

Imagine a single CAD program that does everything you want. First, this program would offer the world’s best 2D drafting, technical drawing and detailing tools. Secondly, it would be based on a modern, powerful and adaptive 3D modeling engine. Next, it would be compatible with a wide range of application programs to support your workflows. Also, this uber-CAD system would be incredibly customizable through macros, scripts, LISP and compiled languages. Finally, this system would be very familiar so that you don’t need to re-learn anything.

The CAD system that we’ve described exists today, and it’s in its 17th major version. It’s BricsCAD Platinum.

Perhaps our Swiss Army knife is too much for your needs? Then, BricsCAD Pro might be for you.

Full-featured, friendly licensing, first-class support…

When you think about MCAD tools, do you think of Bricsys? When you consider BIM, does BricsCAD come to mind? We think that the answer is probably “no”… today. But we’re committed to change minds, and BricsCAD Platinum can be the game-changer for your company right now. We’re offering a 30-day free trial of BricsCAD Platinum today. No cost, no obligation. You’ll love the size of the download, too.

Isn’t it time to discover BricsCAD? We’re here to deliver the future of .dwg, for you.

Don Strimbu

VP Communications for Bricsys NV: I've spent 35 years in the .dwg-based CAD space (I started really young). I love technology, hi-fi, airplanes and cars that go vrooom.

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  • It is amazing how BricsCAD has managed to package a complete .dwg compatible 2D editor, 3D modeler, BIM, Sheet Metal and a 45-format CAD-BIM data exchange module, all within the .dwg environment.

    Here is the fact: 80% of Solidworks users use standard 3D modeling functionality, all of which exists in BricsCAD also.

    It is hard to shed tags, and BricsCAD, by virtue of starting off as an AutoCAD replacement, is often categorized as 2d software.

    And that is pegging BricsCAD in the wrong basket.

    Here is my clarion call: Young designers and professionals must embrace newer and flexible tools. Legacy is not always the best option, neither are we now in a “there-is-no-alternative” scenario.

    Whether you are a design professional starting from scratch, or a seasoned hand, try something new today.

    BricsCAD is here and delivering lean productivity!

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