Welcome back to The BricsCAD Shape Journey. On the second stop of the journey, I will be showing you how to download and install BricsCAD Shape.

Are you using Shape yet?

Visiting the Bricsys Website

Begin by navigating to the BricsCAD Shape page. Here you can explore some of the great features BricsCAD Shape has to offer (I’ll cover those in a later post, for now, I’m just going to show you how to download and install BricsCAD Shape.)

To download and install BricsCAD Shape simply click the ‘Get Shape for free’ button on the lefthand side of the page.

BricsCAD free Shape homepage

Create an Account

Clicking the ‘Get BricsCAD Shape for free’ button will take you to the download page. To download BricsCAD Shape you will need an account. It’s really easy to create an account with Bricsys, simply fill in your email and password, then hit ‘Register’. You will need to verify your email.

create BricsCAD bricsys account

With your Bricsys account, you will also be able to get free, 30-day trials of all Bricsys’ products and access to our unbeatable support system!

Download BricsCAD Shape

Once you have created a Bricsys Account you will be able to download BricsCAD Shape free. Select the options for your download. You can choose from Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems, in 13 different languages! After specifying your download options, agree to the Terms of Use and click ‘Download’.

On my laptop, with a wireless connection, BricsCAD Shape took just a few seconds to download!

BricsCAD Shape Download Page

Installing BricsCAD Shape

When it finishes downloading, the installer prompts you to accept the license agreement and install location. You can also choose to add a shortcut to the desktop and to automatically display release notes when the install completes.

download and install BricsCAD Shapeinstall and download BricsCAD Shape

If you’re sitting right there ready to respond to those prompts, the install only takes about one minute. So, don’t be tempted to take that coffee break just yet!

Once BricsCAD has finished installing you will have the option to use the full BricsCAD suite free for 30-days. If you do not purchase a license, the trial will revert back to BricsCAD Shape.

That’s all folks

Thanks for joining me on the first stop of my journey to BricsCAD Shape! I hope you had the opportunity to download and install BricsCAD Shape. Join me next week when we will continue our journey.

Download BricsCAD Shape Free

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