BricsCAD Spreadsheet Import Techniques

You have a spreadsheet. Here’s how to bring it into BricsCAD!

This four-minute video is narrated by industry expert Ralph Grabowski of Got spreadsheets that you want to bring into BricsCAD? This short tutorial gives you two options for importing them directly.

The first method is to use the Table command’s new File option. You can use this feature to import any spreadsheet file. The video shows how to save your existing spreadsheet as a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Then, you can import the CSV into your drawing by leveraging the TABLE command. This method is good for static data that you don’t plan to change on a regular basis.

If you use Microsoft Excel, the second method gives you a powerful benefit: any formulae in the spreadsheet are retained as FIELD text. To do this, you’ll use your computer’s copy and paste functionality. First, in the spreadsheet application, you simply copy the cells you need to the system Clipboard. Next, use the PasteSpec (Paste Special) command to insert the spreadsheet into BricsCAD as a linked object.

The key benefit of the second method? You can edit the spreadsheet’s contents and have those edits updated automatically in your drawing. You can test it out for yourself using this sample spreadsheet file, available via our Chapoo cloud collaboration service.

For more how-to videos from Ralph and other BricsCAD experts, visit the Bricsys Blog’s tutorial section.

Ralph Grabowski

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