There’s a new release of BricsCAD – V17.2.09 – for Mac OS X

For those of you who know BricsCAD, you know that we support Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. But seriously, when was the last time that you were actually impressed by a “dot release” of any software?  Be prepared to be impressed with the latest release of BricsCAD for the Mac!

Let’s start with a long list of new features…

…and we’ll outline just a few of them for you. BricsCAD BIM users, meet BIMPATCH. BIMPATCH is an incredible addition to the BIM tool set. You can create embellished 2D detail views with BIMPATCH and attach them to the underlying 3D building model. Next, if the model changes in the area associated to the BIMPATCH, the detail’s viewport border will change to red. This red border tells you that you’ll need to check the viewport to ensure that your manual detail updates are still correct.

You can break dimension and extension lines at geometry intersections with DIMBREAK. There are several new geometric object properties that are displayed in the Properties panel. In addition, these new properties can also be extracted to an external file. Also, excess layer filters can be turned off to increase file open performance, and a new PROXYINFO dialog box alerts you to the presence of proxy entities in the current drawing. Finally, both clipped and unclipped VIEWPORTS can be rotated easily.

The remarkable Quad cursor simply gets better

When it comes to ingenious user interface features, it doesn’t get much better than the Quad in BricsCAD. Tracking along with your cursor, this head-up display brings a configurable command palette to your point of work. In the latest release of BricsCAD for Mac OS X, the Quad is fully configurable using either drag-and-drop or conventional right-click customization. And now, you can create custom Quad configurations for each BricsCAD workspace that you use.

But wait! There’s more – new Sheet Metal commands help you split thickness faces and automatically add 3D constraints to sheet metal parts. And the XFACES command lets you extract faces of 3D solids and surfaces to create new, independent surface entities.

We haven’t even mentioned the improvements…

…and there are many! BIMSECTION result geometry upholds layer names based on composition materials. Direct modeling has been enhanced. Now, the Find and Replace dialog supports Alt-key functions. Also, GRIPS are extended through a new system variable. Thanks to graphics system improvements, 2D highlight rendering is up to 5x faster, speeding screen selection. For BIM users, there are major enhancements to IFC Import. In V17.2, images in rendered visual styles regenerate much faster then before. We’ve dramatically improved legacy hidden line performance in dense drawings using large coordinates. Especially relevant for performance addicts, we’ve added new MTFLAGS settings that you can experiment with to further boost BricsCAD’s performance.

Oh, and did we mention that PrintAsPDF now supports preview? 🙂

Just Read the Release Notes

We’re only half-way through the improvements section, and I’m running out of space. However, if you need more What’s New, just go to the download page and select the “Release notes” link. Better yet, if you’re a current V17 user of BricsCAD on Mac OS X, this update release is yours! Therefore, all you need to do is enter your email and download it today. Finally, it’s important to note that the BricsCAD File Manager will make sure that upgrading to V17.2 doesn’t over-write your existing custom support files.

At Bricsys, we see continuous improvement of your CAD experience as Job #1. As a result, we focus on improving BricsCAD, every day. Remember: if you run Mac OS X and want the best in .dwg-based CAD, BricsCAD is your only choice.