BricsCAD V17.2 boosts display performance, adds new usability tools and comes with a powerful set of workflow-enhancing features – and best of all, it’s free of charge to V17 license owners!

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A Display Performance Boost

The display performance of BricsCAD V17.2 is spectacular. We’ve improved REGEN speed for users who use raster images within their 3D models. Overall, entity selection is enhanced with 5x faster display highlight rendering. You can ZOOM faster, especially when you’re working in perspective views. Also, you’ll notice that zooming via your mouse-wheel is smoother than ever. We’ve also greatly improved the overall selection and display performance of BricsCAD in drawings containing entities at extreme coordinates.

faster display highlight rendering

Display performance is faster in V17.2

BricsCAD V17.2 lets you control the threshold for layer filter removal on drawing load. This speeds the performance of the Layer Explorer and other dialogs that display layer information. If you work with raster images, V17.2 now supports image settings like fade, contrast and brightness.

Faster Command Access through Usability & Interface Improvements

The Quad is BricsCAD’s unique, customizable heads-up interface. In V17.2, we’ve reworked the Quad to make it easier to configure the commands that you want to display.

V17.2 Quad

Customize Quad tabs to meet your individual needs

You can easily add commands to a Quad tab by drag-and-drop, or via a right-click context menu. Creating your own tabs and buttons is easy. Also, V17.2 gives you the option to create an optimized Quad for each Workspace that you use. Less time choosing commands means faster and more accurate drawing creation, and the Quad is the best way to put these commands at your cursor, when you want them.

Tool Palettes now support command macros

BricsCAD’s Tool Palettes give you effortless drag-and-drop access to your most-used commands, hatch patterns and render materials. In V17.2, you can change the properties of multiple Tool Palette items with one click. Also, you can now use macros in the command strings of your Tools.

New Features to Help You Get Work Done Faster and More Accurately

The Tips widget displays additional information during command execution, and in V17.2 you can decide if and when the widget appears through the new Tips Configuration dialog box.

You can toggle through layout tabs quickly by pressing the Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn keys, letting you quickly flip through multiple layouts.

Publish to PDF

We’ve reworked Publish to PDF to ensure a smoother publishing process

We’ve reworked Publish to PDF to ensure a smoother publishing process. The Print to PDF driver is improved with the ability to manage custom paper sizes. In V17.2 you can use the Publish dialog’s stored registry settings to control your PDF output, and have the ability to manage these settings separately from those of the ExportPDF command.

 And There’s More – A Lot More!

We’ve just scratched the surface of the new power of BricsCAD V17.2, but we couldn’t fit it all into a single blog post! So, don’t forget to check out the other new enhancements in:

Pricing and Availability for BricsCAD V17.2

BricsCAD V17.2 is a free update to our current V17 customers. It is available in many languages for the Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems. You can download the English version for Windows today. We’ll be releasing additional languages and platforms in the weeks to come. The download provides a free 30-day trial of all functionality of the BricsCAD Platinum edition.

Hey, you don’t have BricsCAD yet? BricsCAD V17 starts at just €450/$550, and upgrades start at €245/$265.