Great news! We’re excited to announce the release of BricsCAD V17 for Mac.

BricsCAD for Mac is a complete BricsCAD version, with a full set of features. BricsCAD V17 supports 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, Sheet Metal Design and Building Information Modeling for Mac.

BricsCAD V17 greatly strengthens your ability to create and design in 2D and 3D. The BricsCAD Team did their utmost to add the top user-requested features. Experience them yourself by downloading the free trial today.

The new features that BricsCAD V17 for Mac has to offer

The new dock-able, modeless Layer Explorer keeps layer names and layer settings at your fingertips while drawing and

layer explorer BricsCAD


V17’s new Dimension Style Families let you easily create derivative styles from a single parent dimension style.

The new “compare dimension styles” feature in the Dimension Styles Explorer makes short work of organizing your dimension style catalogue.


Dimension Styles Explorer BricsCAD

You can document your models faster with Expanded Section Views – full, half, offset and aligned.

Expanded Section Views BricsCAD

The next evolution of the “Dynamic Block” is now available in V17. BricsCAD parametric components make the creation of pre-defined features simple.

Dynamic Block BricsCAD


In general, BricsCAD for Mac has the same set of features as BricsCAD (Linux). A few Windows specific features will not become available on Mac or Linux, for instance the COM API. See the BricsCAD comparison sheet on our website for more.

In the BricsCAD V17 release notes you’ll find more detailed information about the Mac release.