The list of improvements and new features in BricsCAD V18 is amazing. We’ll do our best to highlight the top items here.

We know that a huge list of features doesn’t make a software upgrade great, but we think that you’ll like the way we’ve built V18 with you in mind. First: BricsCAD V18 fully supports the DWG 2018 format. And, if you work in Civil Engineering, you should know that BricsCAD V18 lets users access the full range of custom civil engineering objects stored in Autodesk’s AutoCAD® Civil 3D® .dwg files.

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With BricsCAD, it’s all about you and your user experience.

New tools in BricsCAD V18 will save you precious seconds, minutes and hours.

1) Clean Screen

The Clean Screen option allows you to toggle between your conventional BricsCAD workspace and a clean, graphics-window-only view.

Rotate Manipulation

2) The Manipulator

The Manipulator widget lets you rotate, move, mirror or scale entities along an axis or a plane. You can use dynamic dimensions to locate items precisely.

3) Clipped section views

Section views can be clipped in real-time, and can be set differently per viewport. Clipped section views can be printed, too. You can also use the V18 content browser to drag and drop clipped views into your layouts – a great way to document specific drawing details.

4) Navigate

Navigate lets you walk or fly through your models using a familiar videogame paradigm. Cursor keys, toggles and mouse clicks all play a part in moving through your 3D creations.

With BricsCAD, it’s all about your data


modifying font type
Drawing Explorer listing available linetypes.

The Drawing Explorer brings all your drawing metadata to one place. You can preview layers, compare dimension styles and copy style data between drawings with ease. Layers and materials also have their own separately dockable panels in BricsCAD.

6) Rollover Tips

Rollover Tips in V18 can be easily customized per entity type to show length, slope area and volume of entities.You can also display properties from third-party add-ons.

7) Content Browser

The new Content Browser gives you the ability to easily drag-and-drop blocks into your drawing, with full control over how they get inserted. You can also use the browser to drag-and-drop dimension styles into your drawings.

8) Structure Panel

BricsCAD V18’s Structure Panel gives you new insights into your data. With one dialog layout to learn, you can switch quickly between different sorting and grouping configurations. Want to find all zero-length lines in your drawing? Looking for entities at extreme coordinates? Want to find blocks inserted above or below the WCS? The Structure Panel makes this possible, simply.

9) Layout Manager

Do you work with a lot of layouts? The BricsCAD V18 Layout Manager makes it easy to add, delete, activate, find or re-arrange your drawing layouts.

With BricsCAD, it’s all about performance

With the first fundamental change in .dwg technology in 35 years, BricsCAD V18 uses a next-generation repository approach to enable blazingly fast Drawing Compare with Visual Merge capabilities. This tool scans two versions of a drawing and rapidly compares the history of all graphical entities. You can see the changes in the Structure Panel, view them on-screen in contrasting colors, and keep the entities you select while automatically discarding the others.

Got lots of blocks? BricsCAD V18 generates block previews 50x faster than competing CAD products. Enhancements to the graphics pipeline in BricsCAD V18 also provide smooth transitions between 3D views to help you “keep your balance” when navigating complex 3D models.

But that’s not all…

There is so much more for you, when you choose BricsCAD V18.

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