All the money in the world can’t buy kudos like these

We’re back in Gent, winding down from the whirlwind that was the Bricsys Conference 2017. Some of the best-known writers in the CAD universe sat in the front row during the event. Now that we’ve had a chance to catch our collective breath, here are some notable quotes about some of the products and technologies we demonstrated.

Each time we host the press, we hope that they will be impressed with what we offer. Of course, we know that hope isn’t a strategy, but it’s

A highly trusted voice in the CAD community, Ralph Grabowski of @upFronteZine said:

Beta version of @BricsCAD V18 still not crashing, even after hours of demos on sheet metal, 3D modeling, BIM, and more at @Bricsys2017 (link)

Used to be reasons for porting to @BricsCAD were lower cost, permanent license, insurance against @Autodesk. New one: large models are fast. (link)

“One more thing” at #Bricsys2017 is @BricsCAD Shape, a simple Sketch-like pre-modeler that uses solids instead of surfaces. Free. Early 2018 (link)

Market researcher and technical analyst Randall S. Newton (@RSNatWork) posted these comments:

Bricsys CEO Eric de Keyser on keys to future: 1. Cloud for efficiency. 2. dwg as platform. 3. 2D support. 4. enhance 3D in dwg. (link)

Bricsys head of R&D Hans De Backer showing how to “win time” in BricsCAD V18. So many ways performance has been improved. #Bricsys2017  (link)

Bricsys claiming BricsCAD v18 can do collision checking “10,000 times faster” than AutoCAD. seconds versus days. #Bricsys2017  (link)

Repository compare in Bricsys v18, 1mb drawing compared with near twin in 1 sec. Same 2 drawings in AutoCAD 2018 apx. 8 min. #Bricsys2017 (link)