The latest release of the world’s best .dwg-based CAD system is now available for macOS

Today, we’re pleased to tell you that all of the great features of BricsCAD V19 for Windows are available on Apple’s macOS! There are scores of new features, workflow improvements and fixes in this new, major version of BricsCAD. As a result, BricsCAD V19 is better than ever. I’ve included some of the most exciting new features in BricsCAD V19 for Mac in this post. If you really want to go all out, you can read the complete release notes here.

Discover BricsCAD V20 for mac

So, What’s New in BricsCAD V19?


First, the nifty Blockify tool finds repetitive geometry and automatically creates blocks to reduce the overall size for your drawings. It works in both 2D and 3D. BLOCKIFY supports text, multiline text, solids, traces, hatches, leaders, multileaders and existing block references.

Combine BLOCKIFY with our BEDIT (Block editor) tool to make editing and managing your block definitions effortless.

2D Drafting

2D drafting and sketching are faster with the new nearest distance, dynamic dims, nudge, and adaptive snaps tools that work together to make drawing accurately, easy.Manipulator repeat

The Manipulator allows you to rotate, move, copy, scale, and mirror polyline segments with precise values. The values change dynamically based on your zoom level.

User Interface

A host of user interface enhancements take the BricsCAD experience to a new level. Bricsys has simplified BricsCAD’s workspaces and added a new panel to monitor and manage drawing attachments. A dockable parameters panel helps users access and change parameter values easily. The new CUI management and Settings management tools were designed to make CAD Manager’s lives easier.

Imports and Exports

Making the move to BricsCAD is even easier in V19. You can now import .skp (SketchUp 2019) files. New live datalink tools, DGN file & PDF import, help round out just a few of the major new additions to the product. The customization options for the export of the .fbx format are now available in the Settings dialog.


There are tons of improvements to BricsCAD’s point cloud workflow! You can import, edit and export point clouds. And now in V19.2, we’ve added tools to help you crop and rotate point cloud data. You can even change the size of the displayed points if you wish.

But wait, there’s more

The SLICE command has been extended with a new multi-slice option, strongly enhancing your ability to dissect your 3D models. If only your kitchen knives worked this well!

The good news doesn’t stop there. Other improvements to V19.2 include; better GRIPEDIT functionality, sheet set location checks,  better 2D constraint management, faster zoom performance, and seamless support for BigTIFF files.


A 3D model of a twisted tower build in Bricscad BIM

The new BIMCURTAINWALL workflow allows you to automatically create curtain walls from almost any surface. Make sketching out building layouts in 3D as easy as playing the Sims™ with QUICKDRAW. And use the power of machine learning to model once and use again and again in different permutations with PARAMETRIZE. Similarly, use BIMPROPAGATE to leverage the BricsCAD AI and automatically locate areas where building elements can be re-used in your BIM.

Only BricsCAD BIM gives you consistent, continuous level of development increases through the power of machine learning. If you haven’t seen BricsCAD BIM yet, now you can check it out on the Mac!

The new SITE functionality in BricsCAD BIM V19.2 gives you the ability to import or create terrain models, from a points file, existing drawing entities or an AutoCAD® Civil3D® surface. Once created, you can modify the terrain by adding/removing boundaries, break-lines, and points. Combine this with the new GRADING tools to take your building’s site layout to the next level.

BricsCAD Mechanical

Make the most of our library of 30,000 standard parts with components. We’ve added big functionality to the assembly design tools in BricsCAD. You can learn how to get the most from these new features here.

exploed diagram technical illustration drafting
It is also possible to animate your exploded representations in BricsCAD

The Mechanical Browser has been fully overhauled. You can now use the browser to animate your assemblies, kinematically! Finally, optimize your Sheet metal design and manufacturing workflow with features such as associative unfolding and new report panel modes.

What are you waiting for?

Upgrade today. BricsCAD V19 for Windows, macOS is available for free, for 30 days at Starting with V19, every license of BricsCAD now works in all geographies and all language versions. This is freedom of choice from the team at Bricsys.

Bricsys offers BricsCAD as a perpetual (permanent) software license, so customers have never-ending access to their design data. Bricsys believes that no other company can promise this, all in one, industry-standard platform.

BricsCAD is the solution for now and the future of .dwg-based CAD. In today’s business world, it should be all about choice, and all about you. That’s BricsCAD®. Now a proud member of Hexagon PPM.