Relive the Bricsys 2017 Conference with our official after movie!

That’s a wrap! The Bricsys 2017 conference has concluded. Thanks for tuning in!

Live coverage of the Bricsys 2017 Conference

We’re proud to announce BricsCAD Shape

Jacob De Sutter and Kevin Settlemyre are demonstrating BricsCAD Shape, our latest product announcement!

A design-centric modeling tool, with a user interface that delivers just what you need to be creative without limits.

Create simple and easy models in Shape. Free of charge and coming in early 2018.

BricsCAD Shape.

But there is one more thing…

We’re coming to an end of the Bricsys 2017 Conference.

Panel Discussion

“I have been to tons of other conference where they show different products for the same thing. The simplicity to the end user is amazing, BricsCAD is just one product and one interface. It’s stable and a real option.”says Vince.

Robert says why he advises BricsCAD to CAD Manager. “Training costs are high. With BricsCAD you spend less time managing different software, less time teaching different interface and even don’t need to export a model to another software.”

Robert Green gives his reasons for being drawn to Bricsys. Benchmarks, licensing, costs, responsiveness of development team.

BricsCAD consultant, Vince Aman and Robert Green, CAD manager, are talking about their experience with BricsCAD.

One of the most important things to Mikael was what Erik said and showed in the beginning of the conference. “There is a huge commitment with the Bricsys team to keep BricsCAD evolving and the direction they’re heading. This is so important to me because we invest a lot of time in the program and the workflows. Also, the ease of working in one solution from start to end is what we want and need.”

Panel discussion @ Bricsys 2017. Starts with an end-user, Mikael Nordvall, on Linux and why he choose BricsCAD as his solution.

Bricsys 24/7, cloud collaboration

Bricsys 24/7 is built to help your teams collaborate on construction projects, in the cloud.

Upload and share your BricsCAD BIM models and drawings, securely, with full XREF management.

View 2D & 3D CAD files, and 70 other file types, directly in your browser with Bricsys 24/7’s integrated viewer.

Don Strimbu and Jurgen Schepers are announcing Bricsys 24/7, our (old but) new cloud collaboration platform.

More and more developers are choosing to port their application to BricsCAD. Solid APIs, speed and performance, and the best developer support in the industry.

About BricsCAD BIM V18

IFC is the main open exchange format used in BIM software. More than 205 applications support IFC. BricsCAD BIM’s IFC import is now certified by BuildingSmart.

Kevin just showed BIM Suggest. It’s about machine intelligence inside of BricsCAD BIM. Select any two solids and BIM Suggest will analyze their connection, and highlight similar situations in the model, where the same connection can be applied.

Parametric arrays let you control the number of entities in the array with a parameter. This gives users great flexibility in creating stairs, curtain walls and the like.

The new Window Creator Tool lets you create parametric windows as easy as 1-2-3. Step 1, define a polygon and select. Then, choose a window style. Step 3, apply or alter parameters.

BIMIFY is one command to:

  • Define Spatial Locations for geometry (Buildings + Stories)
  • Classify entities automatically
    (Walls, Slabs, etc.)
  • Associate classified entities with appropriate spatial locations

The new BIMIFY feature automatically identifies your building objects and classifies them in the structure browser.

We had a great lunch and now Kevin Settlemyre, Pieter Clarysse and Jacob De Sutter will introduce you to the new intelligent BricsCAD BIM V18 features.

Why BricsCAD Platinum

Ilya Tatarnikov and Christian Lecomte demonstrate STEP import of a solid in BricsCAD V18. Automatic generation of parameters happens in the blink of an eye.

BricsCAD is the only system that allows intelligent modeling of both buildings and mechanical assemblies in one system, with one file format – .dwg.

Why BricsCAD Platinum should be your product of choice for mechanical design.  There no difference in editing native or imported geometry: design intent is captured automatically. Changes made to your models are fast and robust. No need to re-create your designs from scratch, ever.

It’s smart and easy. Direct editing operations respect geometric and dimensional constraints. The tools are easy in use and do not require deep learning: our platform is familiar to millions worldwide.

We just had a little break and now we’re continuing with BricsCAD V18 Mechanical.

Hexagon PPM chooses BricsCAD

Peter Van Der Weijde from Hexagon PPM takes the stage and talks about why CADWorx runs on BricsCAD. CADWorx performance on BricsCAD is excellent. Why did Hexagon PPM choose us? Well, that’s easy. We offered independence from a single-platform solution, full license flexibility, friendly pricing and innovative technology.

BricsCAD advantages compared to AutoCAD:

BricsCAD V18

We’ve added some other cool things to V18:

  • DWG 2018 Read & Write
  • Civil 3D Object Enabler – Load, Save, Display and Esnap
  • Clip Boundary Grip Editing
  • Blocks: ‘Face the Camera’ Property
  • Smooth Transitions
  • “Gamer-style” Model Navigation
  • 3D Mouse support

Collision detection of 200,000 components in 8 secs (8 mins in another CAD software). The new drawing repository technology makes this possible.

View and zoom in and out of an 20-gigapixel image in BricsCAD V18 with ease, change transparency percentage instantly.

The Drawing Explorer in BricsCAD:

  • All Metadata in one place
  • Preview LAYERs
  • Compare Dimension Styles
  • Copy Style Data between drawings
  • New Dockable panels

3D User Interface enhancements in BricsCAD V18 give better productivity through easier access to your data.

Hans De Backer, Head of BricsCAD Core Development, showing the Manipulator feature in BricsCAD V18.

BricsCAD v18 offers a cleanscreen design mode, thanks to the Redway3D graphics engine.

ODA CEO Neil Peterson talks about the plan for .dwg over the next 50 years, ensuring long-term access to data.

25 October, 2017, 09:57 – The Bricsys 2017 Conference just started! Our CEO, Erik De Keyser, kicks off with the keynote. Follow us here for updates…