Here at Bricsys we’re making our last minute preparations for Bricsys 2018 conference. If you are still debating whether or not to come then you’re in luck! Tickets are still available, just click here to sign up for the conference.

Bricsys 2018 Conference Day 1

People walking around in front of The Brewery

12:00 We kick things off with the grand opening session. An introduction to some of our key new features, a demonstration of the future of .dwg, and our new and improved workflow.

13:00 Stop for lunch. There will be plenty of opportunity to meet our application developers from around the world. Ask questions and test out the different possibilities available to BricsCAD users. The booths will be open throughout the event.

13:30 Head down to the first ever Bricsys User Group Session. Here users can come together and share their BricsCAD experiences, techniques and tips. For more information, read our blog post here.

14:30 It’s The Future of BIM. Yes BIM really is possible in .dwg and you already know 80% of what you need to use BIM for BricsCAD V19! We’re excited to offer a BIM solution that is so affordable to so many. For a sneak preview, click here.

15:30 Have a coffee break. Why not experience Virtual Reality or share your first day experiences on the wall with #Brics2018?

16:00 It’s The Future of the CDE. Don’t yet know what 24/7 is? Why not!? You’ll find out everything you need to know about using and converting to, our powerful Common Data Environment and Model Server.


Bricsys 2018 Conference Day 2

A 3D model of a twisted tower build in Bricscad BIM

9:00 Have breakfast on us.

10:00 For those of you making the transition from AutoCAD, we have Switching to BricsCAD, where we will be showing you just how simple it is to convert to BricsCAD.

Or, if development is your thing, then head over to The Future of LISP. We will be introducing you to BLADE (BricsCAD LISP Advanced Development Environment). More details here.

10:45 We are hosting The Future of DWG. Want to know how BricsCAD V19 will shape the future of general design? Then this is a session not to be missed.

11:30 Another chance to explore our Demo Center. The Virtual Reality Experience will be open during all breaks today.

12:00 We present The Future of Mechanical. BricsCAD Mechanical V19: the next generation of Mechanical Design tools, all using the .dwg format. We now offer users an unprecedented number of functionalities, in one complete package.

13:00 Stop for lunch. A great opportunity to network with your fellow BricsCAD users.

14:00 There are two options. BricsCAD Mechanical Technology: a chance to get into the nitty gritty of what BricsCAD Mechanical is really capable of.

Or BricsCAD BIM Technology. A session to show you how to make the most of the new and improved BricsCAD BIM.

15:00 A chance to refill your caffeine supplies before the last few sessions.

15:30 We present Building on top of BricsCAD BIM. Prepare for some surprises.

16:00 We close the Bricsys 2018 conference with Bricsys Future Technologies. What does the future hold for BricsCAD?

19:30 If you still have energy, it’s the after party. Get ready for The Bricsys Band, the best band in CAD!

See the full timetable of events.