Meet Tolga Özuygur, the ‘real-life Tony Stark’; a robotics enthusiast, YouTuber, and BricsCAD® user. He spends his time creating and designing wild robot inventions that delight and entertain his audience. Some of his gadgets include a full-size Iron man costume with a drop-down, robotic visor, and an auto-targeting Nerf gun.

Recently, he used BricsCAD to 3D printing parts for an Iron Man 3 inspired, electro-gauntlet and a telepresence robot with attached Nerf gun, designed to help make social distance video calls feel more personal. Not wanting to miss out on the chance to remotely fire a Nerf gun, I eagerly logged on and interviewed.

Me: So, who am I talking to and what’s your YouTube channel?

Tolga: Well, I am Tolga Özuygur, which also happens to be the name of my YouTube channel and I build different types of robots and experimental engineering projects on my channel. Like an Iron Man armor or even this specific robot that you are using in this interview.

Me: How did you start YouTubing?

Tolga: Well, I was doing these type of projects anyway so I was just doing down as a hobby and then at some point, I started thinking “what would happen if I would just take the video of the progress of building these projects, then upload them on YouTube?”

And it turned out to be great! I mean I actually I didn’t plan it. I just started uploading my projects people liked it and now I guess I have a YouTube channel.

iron man cos play robotics costume
Tolga in his Iron Man costume. It features many cool details, including a robotic, drop down visor, although it doesn’t fly…yet.

Me: You’ve now done 2 sponsored videos for Bricsys what were they?

Tolga: Well the first one was a prop from the Iron Man 3 movie, where Tony Stark made an electroshock gauntlet. It was a fun project. [At this moment he started smiling to himself.]

So it’s a gauntlet where you can just slap something and it’s going to give a small electric shock to whatever you slap.

robotics bricscad software cad iron man
Test a prop from the Iron Man 3 film.

And the second project was this robot that we are talking on at the moment. A telepresence Robot, as you know because you are controlling it.

And it has a Nerf gun on it, just because it’s fun to add a Nerf (gun) on the robot for no apparent reason. [He started to look nervously at the gun suddenly aware that I hadn’t yet shot him.]

Me: What kind of role did BricsCAD play in your projects?

Tolga: Well, I do a lot of 3D printing in my projects. So I design mechanical parts some visual
parts that are required in my projects.

telepresence robot bricscad 3d printing
Me inside the robot. I’m rather enjoying my little hat.

For example, in this specific robot, I designed all the systems. That are holding and moving the camera on top of the robot, the mechanical system, the turntable below the robot and the system that fires the Nerf gun on the side of the robot. [Another nervous glance at the gun.]

I drew them in BricsCAD and then printed them in my 3D printers.

Me: Which version of BricsCAD are you using?

Tolga: So, I was using Sketchup® previously and BricsCAD Shape has some similar parts to Sketchup, so it was easier to learn it. The learning curve was much faster.

But I did also use BricsCAD Mechanical to draw a couple of mechanical parts for this specific robot and it was quite easy to get it up and running!

3d printing from bricscad Shape
Seeing the designs side by side. Left: BricsCAD Shape. Right: 3D Cura to slice.

Me: Have you got any tips for somebody trying it for the first time?

Tolga: There was a specific page on Bricsys’, website which was quite useful for me. It was an introduction to switching from Sketchup® to BricsCAD Shape. It was quite helpful to start and then, I use a few YouTube videos and few tutorials to get the hang of the software, so that’s what I would suggest.

Me: Do you have any plans for future videos?

Tolga: Yeah at the moment I’m working on one of the most exciting parts of the armor. I mean, it’s the last part of it.

I’m building the arc reactor of the armor.

So, I did promise to my audience a while ago that I would make an actually radioactive heart reactor that would produce some amount of energy like in the movie. [He laughs nevously] And… I’m doing it now.

Well, not much.

robot enthusist at work iron man
In his next video Tolga plans to build the arc reactor for his suit.

Me: And you’re not nervous about this?

Tolga: Well, not much.

Errrrr…. [More nervous laughter]

Well, the reactor is using three tubes as fuel it’s a radioactive isotope of hydrogen and it’s actually not that dangerous in the form that I’m using.

It’s really radioactive but the beta decay of the tritium is not dangerous to humans…if I don’t break the vials that I am storing them in.

But I hope I’m not going to break them! [Yet more nervous laughter].

With his eyes still nervously on the Nerf gun, I thanked him for his time and assured him I wasn’t going to fire, then fired anyway. Fortunately for him: I missed. The robot is quite hard to aim! He promised me he was going to fit a laser pointer to the gun in the near future, so I look forward to having another try sometime.

firing a nerf gun from the robot
Just missed him with the nerf gun!

You can view Tolga’s Bricsys videos on his YouTube channel. Although his videos are created in Turkish, English subtitles are available for many of the videos, so be sure to check them out!

Disclaimer: Tolga Özuygur is a professional and creates his inventions in a controlled environment, under supervision. Do not try this at home.