BricsCAD Pro is the platform for your CAD applications. Chances are good that there’s a CAD application available for you. Applications run as compiled programs that add industry-specific commands to your CAD workflow. Browse the BricsCAD Applications catalog and find an application that’s right for your needs.

BricsCAD Pro makes 3D affordable, too

If you don’t use 3rd party applications with CAD today, you’ll still want BricsCAD Pro – especially if you’re working in 3D. BricsCAD Pro brings the full power of Direct 3D modeling to the world of low-cost .dwg-based CAD. Create your models at full accuracy using BricsCAD’s familiar user interface.

Next, use BricsCAD Pro’s advanced visualization tools to assign materials, set lights and render photo-realistic images of your designs. Then, use the powerful 2D drafting commands in Pro to automatically create the 2D drawings and layouts you need to build or manufacture your ideas.

What else does BricsCAD Pro do?

Pretty much everything that the full-priced .dwg-based CAD programs do. The user interface is eminently familiar and includes some interesting and productive new features. The amazing BricsCAD Quad cursor brings all menu functions to the tip of your cursor, on-demand. For long-time CAD jockeys, autocomplete works at the command line and in the Settings dialog, reducing the need to type. Also, a full-featured 2D geometric constraint engine lives inside of BricsCAD Pro. And, if you want network or volume licensing options on a multi-platform CAD product, the choice is clear. Yes, like all BricsCAD editions, Pro runs on Windows, OS X and Linux!

Two more things…

1.) You can buy TWO perpetual (“forever”) licenses of BricsCAD Pro for less than the yearly rental cost of the industry-standard CAD product.

2.) You can port your AutoCAD® application code directly into BricsCAD. We offer both LISP and our (AutoCAD® ARX-compatible) BricsCAD Run-time Extension (BRX) APIs. Expand the market for your applications – become a BricsCAD developer today.

Don’t need 3D, but you do need full LISP support? Then BricsCAD classic might be your choice!