Top members of the CAD press got an invitation to join us for Bricsys Insights 2017 in Ghent, 26-27 April. This group of influential CAD authors, bloggers and publishers came to our HQ to spend two days immersed in deep detail about Bricsys, our products and our people. While some of the attendees were already fans of ours, we feel that we’ve made some new, close friends. Like you, they just needed to get to know us a little bit better.

We’ve captured some key quotes from a group of the attendees, and we present them here along with the links to the full articles.

Cadalyst Magazine: Cyrena Respini-Irwin, Editor in Chief

Bricsys Seeks to Take DWG Community ‘Beyond AutoCAD’

“We are very, very keen on support. Why? Because others probably don’t do it enough, and that’s an area where we (Bricsys) can make a difference.” (quoting Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys NV)

Now, the company has established “substantially different technology” than its competitors, De Keyser believes, and is ready to make itself known to a broader audience, without fear of being written off as an AutoCAD clone.

“If the DWG community wants to move on, we can give people perspective beyond AutoCAD,” said De Keyser. “BricsCAD is the only product that goes in that direction.”

upFront.eZine: Ralph Grabowski, Editor

Bricsys invites the media to Belgium

For quality control, Bricsys runs 28,500 tests on nearly 40 servers each time a programmer makes a change to the BricsCAD code.

BricsCAD has unique commands not found in AutoCAD and certainly in few other CAD programs of its price range, especially in the area of 3D, such as 3D constraints, design intent, add-ons for doing 3D BIM and 3D sheet metal design, and a unique at-cursor interface.

As Bricsys expands, Autodesk® retrenches

They (Bricsys) are showing off their confidence as a suitor suitable for the affections of disaffected Autodesk customers (and other CAD users, of course).

For more interesting content by Ralph about Bricsys,  check out these two additional stories on his WorldCADAccess blog:

How BricsCAD implements 3D differently
Bricsys Insights: About the Intergraph Port

AECcafé: Jeffrey Rowe, Editor


BricsCAD is based on the Teigha kernel that provides it with a high level of compatibility with Autodesk’s .dwg file format. The Teigha binaries enabled Bricsys to develop a powerful alternative DWG-based CAD software. That’s why it offers a real choice to users and application developers.

BricsCAD offers the complete core functionality of a .dwg-based CAD software for the end-user. It has all of the APIs required to enable the porting of existing .dwg-based applications using the same source code.

Blog nauseam: Steve Johnson, owner of cad nauseam

The big Bricsys interview #1 – Why invite the press

Bricsys Insights was very valuable in helping me understand the Bricsys DNA. The internal systems explained were very impressive and help explain why Bricsys is able to do so much with so few resources.

I also appreciate the openness and transparency that was displayed; I could go anywhere and talk to anyone. Questions were answered candidly and without a PR filter. Other companies could learn from this.

Steve is writing a series on his blog based on the interview he had with CEO, Erik De Keyser and COO, Mark Van Den Bergh. That will be going on for a couple of weeks. So stay tuned!

Extranet Evolution: Paul Wilkinson, founder of

Chapoo builds on Bricsys BIM expertise

Bricsys is proud of its international membership of BuildingSMART and is developing IFC export and import tools); the DWG-based BricsCAD application has over 250,000 users worldwide, and has won converts disgruntled by Autodesk’s software licensing approach.

Chapoo offers cloud-based collaboration. While it is a separate company, it is co-located with and shares many of the same developers involved with Bricsys’s core products. It has become widely used in its domestic market, with Brussels Airport one of its biggest AEC customers.

CAD Panacea: R.K. McSwain, owner of CAD Panacea

Bricsys and BricsCAD – Making waves in the DWG CAD Market

Bricsys is committed to their customers wishes, and COO Mark Van Den Bergh says that at least 95% of their software sales are perpetual licenses.

BricsCAD v17.2 solved an old problem that has plagued many CAD applications where entities at extreme coordinates slowed the entire drawing down.

The positive words that we hear from these esteemed members of the CAD press made us all very excited here at Bricsys. The future of .dwg-based CAD is BricsCAD!