Customize mouse buttons to add tools to BricsCAD

Customize mouse buttons in BricsCAD easily

Like almost everything else in BricsCAD, you can customize mouse buttons to increase your productivity. The left mouse button, of course, performs the most important CAD function – selecting entities. Because of this, you can’t customize your left mouse button.

Never fear though – the middle and right mouse buttons are fully customizable. Also, using combinations of the CTRL, Shift and CTRL+Shift keys while clicking, you can get a total of eight commands from the middle and right mouse buttons.

How does BricsCAD identify the mouse buttons?

Mouse identification

Left button = 3 (not customizable – as it’s always used to pick things)

Middle button/roller wheel = 2

Right button = 1


Customize mouse buttons with the CUI

Right-click any User Interface (UI) element (menu, toolbar or panel), or just type in “CUI” at the command prompt to access the UI customization dialog box. Select customize and go to the Mouse tab. There you can program the middle and right mouse buttons for click, CTRL-click, Shift-click and CTRL-Shift-click options.

The customization of BricsCAD doesn’t end here, this is just the start! Take a few minutes to watch this video that will show you how to customize BricsCAD’s tool palettes.

Want the full scoop? We have an eBook for you

The author of this video tutorial on how to customize mouse buttons is Ralph Grabowski, industry expert and long-time CAD author. Ralph has written a comprehensive eBook that tells the complete story for current AutoCAD® users moving to BricsCAD®.

You can get a free copy of this incredible eBook for no charge on our website. Read through it at your leisure and discover what makes BricsCAD the best value in .dwg-based CAD today.

Ralph Grabowski


  • Hello,

    I need customizing right click similar as Autocad.
    1. If no objects are selected => Repeat last command
    2. If object are selected => Shortcut menu
    3. I a command is in progress => Enter

    Can You help me?

    • Hi Norbert,

      If you have an entity selected, you can do a long right-click to get the shortcut menu. I recommend that you try this, as it will still let you access the (customizable) rollover tips and the context-sensitive Quad cursor.

      To get the full functionality you request, set SHORTCUTMENU == 7 and turn off QUAD and RT on the status bar.

      Cheers, Don

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