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If it’s a more hands-on approach to BricsCAD®BIM that you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. Take a deep dive into BricsCAD® BIM V22 with our technical experts, as you re-live the Digital Summit breakout sessions.

The following videos focus on the innovation and development made in BricsCAD BIM for V22. You can also explore the previous article in the series, Pt1, which focuses on our core products.

The Hexagon PPM Headquarters: automating construction documentation

Creating detailed drawing sets at the construction documentation stage has always been time-consuming. Explore the new and improved intuitive documentation features, such as Typed Plans, intelligent BIM tags and dimensioning, and how they can help you save time and effort, whilst maintaining accuracy.


How to use Point Cloud for construction projects

In this session, you will learn how the new BricsCAD BIM V22 improves the scan to BIM workflow. We will introduce the new planar deviation feature in the context of as-built verification during construction.


How to use Point Cloud for renovation projects

In this session, you will learn how the new BricsCAD BIM V22 improves the scan to BIM workflow. In a renovation example, you will see improvements in performance, annotation and modelling from point clouds.


The Hexagon PPM Headquarters: managing your project data with the Project Browser

The new Project Browser extends beyond storing Views and Sheets, it is a central repository of all your project data. Explore a new workflow of managing views, sheets, external references, such as images, spreadsheets or scripts from a single location.


Graphic override in 3D model space

V22 brings the Graphic Override functionality to BIM. Discover how you can interactively and temporarily modify the visual appearance of specific objects in 3D model space, selected by filtering on a combination of properties and quantities.


Automating BIM workflows with Python

Python is an incredibly powerful tool to enhance workflows and improve productivity. We’ll be demonstrating how users of BricsCAD BIM can leverage this tool to automate tasks within our software, eliminate tedious tasks and leveraging data from within the model.


The Hexagon PPM Headquarters: A deep dive with BricsCAD and Civil Partner Applications for site design

Take an in depth look at the civil design tools and process used in the keynote address for the 305 project. We will demonstrate our end-to-end civil capabilities using BricsCAD’s native features coupled with selected Partner Applications from Civil Site Design, CGS Labs and KTF. Discover how to create visualization of the project with BricsCAD’s integrated Twinmotion functionality.


The Hexagon PPM Headquarters: parametric design using Grasshopper with BricsCAD BIM

Learn how to create parametric designs natively in BricsCAD BIM, using Grasshopper with Rhino inside. We’ll introduce the new Grasshopper-based components that make parametric design accessible to everyone.


The Hexagon PPM Headquarters: create real-time visualization with BricsCAD BIM and Twinmotion

Using our Hexagon PPM Headquarters design model, you’ll see how to create stunning renders, videos or interactive walkthroughs of your project using our direct link with Twinmotion and its powerful Unreal Engine.

The Hexagon PPM Headquarters: how to manage file version control

In V22, we’ve introduced a new file version control system in place. Explore our lightweight approach to storing .dwg files and how you’ll benefit from this new feature.


We hope these more technical deep dives into BricsCAD BIM V22 have been interesting and have got you excited for the BricsCAD difference! If you are looking to know more about BricsCAD and BricsCAD Mechanical, you can head over to the other blogs in the series and find out more.


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