In this series, you will learn how to work with CAD by following easy projects. Use only simple commands to build almost anything! For this tutorial, learn how to make a chess set.

How to Model a Chess Set

Time to complete: 1-2 Hours

Difficulty: 6/10

Commands used:


Tutorial: Model a Chess Set in BricsCAD

  1. Start by drawing the outline of half a Pawn.
    Tip Use use polylines when possible.
  2. Then, Trim the excess linework and Join to create a closed polygon.  outline of pawn chess peice 2D
  3. Use the Manipulator to copy the outline.copying 2d lines with the manipulator BricsCAD
  4. Use these copies as a guide and modify until you have something that looks like this:
    2d outlines of chess peices in CAD
    Feel free to copy this image into BricsCAD and trace it.
  5. Use DmRevolve to convert the outline into a solid.revolve the outline to create a 3d solid chess peice
  6. Repeat for the other pieces. You should now have something that looks like this:mid way through modeling chess peices
  7. Create the slot on the Bishop:
    1. Extrude a rectangle. Use the Both sides option (Command line) and the Subtract mode.
      To change the mode hit Ctrl. (See the Hotkey Assistant).extrude the rectable cut out of the bishop
    2. (Optional) Use DmPushPull to edit the slot.
  8. To create the battlements on the Rook:
    1. Offset the edge of the top face.offset the edge of the rook
    2. Extrude down.rook battlments extrude down to create the chess peice
    3. Extrude rectangles to create the crenels. Use the Both sides option (Command line) and the Subtract mode.
      To change the mode hit Ctrl. (See the Hotkey Assistant).create rook battlments
  9. To create the Knight:
    1. Extrude the horsehead shape.extrude horse profile
    2. Move the ear to the edge of the solid.move the ear of the knight
    3. Mirror the ear.CAD knight chess peice modeling
    4. Extrude both ears. Leave a gap in the middle.
    5. Chamfer the edges.fillet the edges of the knight
    6. Extrude the eye.extrude the eye of the knight 3D model chess set
    7. Fillet the edges.extrude eye of knight 3d chess model
  10. For the Queen:
    1. Add 2 spheres stacked on top of each other.
    2. Create a cylinder.
    3. Array the cylinder in the polar mode. Set the axis to Y and set the center point to the center of the Queen.3D model tutorial queen chess peice
    4. Explode the Array.
    5. Subtract the cylinders from the Queen. You should now have something like this:corwn detailing of Queen in 3D CAD model
  11. For the King:
    1. Extrude the shapes to make the cross.use the extrude command to create the cross on the kings crown
    2. Create a Cylinder on top.
    3. Finish with a Sphere.
    4. Fillet the edges.create the cross of the king's crown 3D model
      You should now have something that looks like this:3D model of chess set
  12. (Optional) To finish, add materials and render with the BricsCAD Enscape Integration.
    animation of chess set and board rendering 3D model tutorial
    Once you have completed this tutorial to model a chess set you should have something that looks like this.

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