BricsCAD has tons of features. So, it may be hard to pick just one favorite feature of BricsCAD. However, we did ask our employees what their favorite feature is, and why. Here’s what they had to say:

Command Line

I think the greatest feature of BricsCAD is the command line. I can’t stress enough how much it improves efficiency and speed when working on CAD projects.” – Codrut Dinca


The Quad

The Quad both in 2D and 3D. Direct modeling is so intuitive and yet accurate. My secondary school students manage to model the famous Red-Blue chair by Rietveld in less than 2 lessons, starting from scratch, using ‘school-computers’ that are not really state-of-the-art.” – Louis Verdonck


Fast startup time of BricsCAD

I like how fast BricsCAD starts up, especially for testing and support purposes. I launch BricsCAD a dozen times per day and I don’t waste time watching a splash screen.” – Ilya Tatarnikov


Combination of 3D direct modeling with 2D drafting

I really like how 3D direct modeling is combined with excellent 2D drafting and boundary detection. It allows me to quickly offset a face boundary, pulling/pushing a portion of the face.” – Johan Kerckaert

Getting Started Dialog

I like the Getting Started dialog. The redesigned Getting Started dialog in V17 lets you easily select user profiles and work spaces, open existing drawings, start drawings, and access educational resources, like video tutorials.” – Sander Scheiris


Design Intent Recognition

I am particularly fond of Design Intent Recognition, a crucial idea behind BricsCAD’s high level modules like BIM or Sheet Metal. Even without any metadata, BricsCAD makes the best of imported models. Geometry is all BricsCAD needs.” – Tijs Vermeulen

The Structure Browser

The Structure Browser gives you immediate insight into the content of (completely new) drawings. You can see if they are fit for direct modeling – how many 3D solids are inside – and where some cleaning up is needed, etc.” – Luc De Batselier


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