This is part two of the favorite features of BricsCAD according to Bricsys’ employees. Here you’ll find part one. We asked our employees their favorite feature out of all the BricsCAD features and why. Here’s what they had to say next:


My favorite is BIMDRAG. When you combine it with Dynamic UCS and dynamic dimensions with TAB-cycled reference planes, BIMDRAG allows me to model accurately without spending one brain cycle on x,y,z coordinates.” – Pieter Clarysse

The API compatibility

“One of my favorites is API compatibility. The application and source code compatibility level are unbeaten by any other ‘clones’ – which is very important for third-party developers.” – Torsten Moses

‘mini-Google’ window

My favorite is ‘mini-Google’ window in the Settings dialog. Some settings have easy-to-forget names and it helps a lot to be able to search by the description of a setting.” – Egor Ermolin

Snapping modes, display clipping and the intelligent cursor

“I like unique BricsCAD-only features like snapping modes, display clipping and all intelligent cursor functionality.” – Natalia Shakhalova

Cancel and Undo

I find the Cancel and the Undo features very valuable. They give you the freedom to try out and explore the complex functionality of the program, because you can always safely rewind when you make a mistake.” – Alexander Van Heuverzwyn

Intuitive Hotkeys

I like the way Bricsys thinks innovatively to make things quick and easy to use. One example is the use of hotkeys like SHIFT, CTRL and TAB. It lets users know what to expect with each option with the combination of the TIPS feedback.” – Shivdeep Garud

The great in-house system

It may be not really a program feature, but behind BricsCAD, there is a great in-house system for automated building and testing. It builds hundreds of thousands of lines of source code and processes tens thousands of tests in just a few minutes. The system allows us to maintain a very high quality of the product.” – Alexey Kazakov