Thanks for joining me on my lessons through the land of BricsCAD Shape. Today’s excursion takes us on a tour of editing tools. Like most other 3D modeling programs, BricsCAD Shape offers multiple ways to edit entities. In today’s lesson, you’ll be learning how to use some of the most frequently used editing commands in CAD.

Download the sample file: Download Daisy 🐄

How to Split a Solid

To split an entity:

  1. Use the Slice command
  2. Select the object you want to split.
  3. Select two points to indicate the cutting line
  4. Hit Enter.

Slice command edit objects learn to CAD

How to Join Solids

Let’s join poor Daisy back together! To join touching or overlapping solids:

  1. Use the Union Command.
  2. Select the solids
  3. Hit Enter.

online cad lessons join two solids

Remove one solid from another

To Subtract one solid from another:

  1. Use the Subtract Command.
  2. Select the solid to subtract from.
  3. Select the solid to use to subtract.
  4. If applicable, delete the solid used to subtract.

subtrct one solid from another online cad lessons

If you use this command to split a solid into 2 or more pieces you will notice that BricsCAD Shape keeps these solids linked as one object. To fix this:

  1. Use the Separate command.
  2. Select the entity to separate.
  3. Hit Enter twice.

I used subtract and created two solids but they do not split

Keep only intersecting solids

What if we want to keep only the intersecting portions of two or more solids? We use intersect of course!

  1. Select the Intersect Command
  2. Select the solids
  3. Hit Enter

intersecting solids learn how to use boolean

What’s next?

In this CAD lesson, we reviewed tools to edit entities; altering their appearance. In the next lesson we’ll explore even more ways to edit your models.

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