The Bricsys 2018 conference in London next month has a lot to offer. One of the sessions that I’m most excited about, given my roots in architecture and engineering, is the Future of BIM.  We’ll show how you can take your designs from concept through design documentation in a single, intelligent, DWG file format. There’s so much to talk about we couldn’t fit it into a single session! So, we’ve split it into two sessions. This allows you time to digest the valuable information while taking a break to enjoy lunch.

Conceptual Design with Shape

During the first session, we’ll introduce you to BricsCAD Shape, our FREE 3D modeling app. You’ll discover how easily you can create 3D conceptual designs using intuitive quickdraw and direct modeling tools. The result is a solid model with basic 3D geometry. The presentation focuses on building design. However, you can use the same tools to model virtually anything in any industry!

Future of BIM - Conceptual design

Whether you create your 3D conceptual model in Shape, BricsCAD, or even other popular 3D CAD applications, you can bring that model into BricsCAD BIM. That leads us to the second session in the Future of BIM!

Building Information Modeling

The second session focuses on Building Information Modeling. We’ll demonstrate advanced modeling features beyond what is available in BricsCAD Shape. You’ll learn how to add building information to your otherwise ordinary solid models by leveraging artificial intelligence tools for BIM. Finally, you’ll learn how to generate 2D documentation drawings directly from your intelligent 3D models.

Future of BIM - 2D Drawing

Move to BIM without Disruption!

The reason I’m so excited about the Future of BIM is because it enables you, as a CAD user, to leverage your existing knowledge with minimal disruption to your workflow. You can continue to use familiar 2D and 3D drawing tools in your DWG files without having to learn a whole new software application. You only need to learn the tools that are specific to BIM! And, they’re quite intuitive!

Future of BIM - BricsCAD BIM

Find out more about .dwg technology, in London…

Join us in London for Bricsys 2018, to learn more about ODA’s innovative new work with .dwg. The president of the Open Design Alliance, Neil Peterson, will be attending the conference and speaking in detail on these initiatives. It’s a great time to use .dwg-based CAD! At Bricsys 2018, you’ll discover the future of .dwg technology – 23-34 October, 2018.