Generate drawing views in BricsCAD

Drawing views from any 3D model

In BricsCAD, you can generate drawing views from any 3D model. These views are updated automatically when the original model is changed.

Base View

Use the “base views” command to generate 2D drawing views from your 3D model. Ever click is a new and different view placed on your sheet. You can change the properties of one or multiple views in the properties Bar. For example, disable hidden and tangent lines.

Drawing View

The type of Section View can be changed in the drop-down menu in the “drawing views” section, which can be found in the Ribbon.

Similarly, you can also create a half section from the bottom base view. You can see that the hatch angle is identical for different projections of the same solid. It changes according to the view section style of the solids.

You can adjust the depth of the section by creating a section of the connecting flange of the valve and after placing the drawing view.

Detail view

Through the “detail view“ feature to zoom in on certain details of your drawing views. You can choose out of two option: create circular or rectangle detail views. If needed, you can also adjust the scale of your detail section.

Custom styles

BricsCAD has a standard section style, but if that doesn’t suit your needs, you can add new custom styles in the “view section styles” panel of the drawing explorer.

Customize your style

Go the “identifier”, where you can change the color of the identifier, its position and more. The preview images allows you to see all changes before they are applied.

You can change color of the hatch, its scale, type and angles in the “hatch”. Finally, in the “cutting plane”, the linetype of the section lines, their color and lineweight can be changed. For the end and bend lines, you can change the position, color, lineweight and linetype.

Similarly, you can create a custom View Detail Style and adjust all properties. To change the lineweight of the hatch, go to the drawing explorer and select “layers”. You can adjust the current section view style to your own custom one in the properties bar. The detail section view styles can be changed in a similar way.

Finish your drawing

To specify the necessary dimensions in your drawing, you can use the linear dimension tool. As finishing touch, you can add the Bill of Materials, which gathers data about all the materials used in your model.

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